Future Define


You can define your future by asking yourself these WH questions.

Where? – Where do you want yourself to go? If you want to achieve your goal, where will you find it?

When? – When will you want yourself to achieve? When will you start action to achieve your goal?

How? – How to achieve it? How you can achieve your future goal?

What? – What to do to achieve it? What support you would need?

Who? – You do it yourself or supports from other? Who will be your consultant? Who will be your partner?

Why? – Why you want to achieve it? Why you need those where, when, how, what?

“Snack” and “Snake” – Most Common Mispronounce

The word “snack” and “snake” are the most common mispronounce words among Cambodian people, even some journalists of some TV channel. Let’s make this right from wrong together.

  1. “SNAKE” [snāk] – (n) a long limbless reptile that has no eyelids, a short tail,          and jaws that are capable of considerable extension. Some snakes have a venomous bite.
  2. “SNACK” [snak]– (n) a small amount of food eaten between meals.


SNAKE    <>    SNACK

(ស្នេក)​​​      <>    (ស្នាក)

Why We Are Still Poor?

Poor is the result of our actions. Those actions including:

  1. Laziness
  2. No Creativities to optimize our own resources
  3. No proper saving plan
  4. Over spent
  5. Have only one income resource
  6. Addicted to own or buys new things which we are not actually need
  7. Eating out

There are still many more behavior that we do it everyday that we don’t even realize that it’d make us POOR.

A Lady Called “Mum”


She sad and cry for almost 50 years.

She hurt and suffer from family issues for almost 50 years.

She raised 4 kids her own for almost 50 years.

She skinny, and she sick.

She got so much pain when her 2nd daughter die because of liver cancer and those hurt still existing.


She never back down.

She never give up.

She never let her children become hunger, homeless and more importantly she get her children the prestige gift, education and reputation.

That lady is the icon, the idol and the God in my life and more importantly —– She’s a lady that call “Mum”.

I miss you and love you mum!

Stress and Water Intake

Stress, boring, bored and depress are the most common affect that we usually see in office workers. No one can escape from these common side effect.

No matter what or how we feel about our job or any task, you cannot let yourself being stressful or depress because of it. Why? Because the moment your stress or depress with your work, you’re direct and indirectly harming your career goal and also your family. So, how to make yourself away from stress or depress?

There are many ways, but not all of them are easy nor effective enough. However, I’ve tried this simple and effective method is “drink more water” when I’m stress or depress or unhappy about my jobs. It’s sound simple, right? But it’s scientific-based and also have supportive evidences as well.

Studies shown that, if you just half of liter dehydration you’re increasing the level of cortisol, a stress hormone. Dehydration is the most forgotten symptoms that not everyone care about it. The most you stress or upset or unhappy with anything, yourself are not likely want to eat or drink anything.

Thus, when you’re in stressful mood, let’s grab a cub of water and then drink it. You’ll feel relieve

Do not just believe me, try it first.!

Source: WebMD (http://www.webmd.com/diet/water-stress-reduction) accessed: Sept 15, 2015

“The Longest Ride” – The Best Drama of 2015

Speaking about movies, I rarely see Korean dramas because I like Hollywood action, war and drama instead. To feed my favorite, I always search for the best movie I can see.
Yesterday, I had found one and I can tell you that it was good movie that everyone should see. It’s “The Longest Right”.

The movie talked about an university student falling in love with a professional bull rider. They really love each other, but each of them has their own dream and goal. Those became the barrier of their love and they chose to separate and try to follow their own goal.

But at the end, they realized that even though they succeed in their career but it meaningless if they cannot live with their beloved one. Thus they ran to each other and live with each other happily ever after.

There are many parts of the movie that I cannot describes in writing. You guys need to see it and I can guarantee that you’ll love it.

Rate this movie: ****

Behind the Hesitate of Every Salesman

In 21st century, business need to get involve from many parts and many functions. Those functions are marketing, strategics and sales. These three functions would never be apart. If one those facing problem, the whole company or business will be collapse.

Salesmen are the people that meet directly with customers and they are very important to ensure that business is on the right tract, approach and meet the target. But they are also facing many hesitates or problems that could potentially failed the objectives of the business.

Hesitate in facing their manager – Facing manager is not an easy task to do for almost every employee. Facing their boss is like going to the battle by knowing that they will definitely loss, no chance for them to win the battle. So, what’s the consequences? Once salesman and their manager is not align each other, there’d be no perfect execution of any project or specific action that would needs to fail the objective of the business.

They would work together as one. Understand each other as one and they should like each other as brothers or sisters.

All salesmen should not hesitate to just run and crush their manager if they don’t understand or need more clarification on specific project/program. Nothing to be fear of, nothing to pull you off from asking or raising question to your manager. Go and ask them.

A “No!” customer is a “No!” for sales opportunity – Many kind of customers and also many kinds of reaction from customer that salesman would meet in their daily job. Not many salesman will come back to revisit their hardest customer, which I called a “No!” customer. They considered those kind of customer is a “no” opportunity for sales.

But in fact, every “No!” customer is an opportunity open for us. Why? Because they’re listening to what we’re talking to them that’s why can answer the “No!” back to us. Not every “No!” customers are opportunity-blocked or opposite.

We just need to go back and revisit them at an appropriate time or try to access more about their profile and their practice.

Every “No!” is an opportunity.

“Not my cover area, no business for me to communicate of other’s business” – Nearly 30% to 40% of salesmen will at least one never communicate any other products that they are not cover even though to products are operating by the same company. Why? Because they truly believe that those would take their opportunity away from them, thus they better keep it silent or don’t know.

In reality, a good salesman is the man that know almost everything not just only their handling products but also competitors’. Once their clients need some products that they have or offer, they would recommend their friends’ products. By those, they gain more trust and also strong relationship from their clients. That’s good for business right?

“I think it’s enough for me, I don’t need more” – There is nothing call “enough” in doing business. As businessman and also salesman, we need to have an ambition. Those ambitious will help up, push us to reach what we dream of.

But most of salesman, would never happy to add more new clients to their visit list because they would runs as hell to build up their client’s buying-ability. Everyone afraid of being tired, but those will leads you to an unsuccessful life.

Get more clients as you can once you have an opportunity to get them is what best salesman does.