Why IE always suck??

Are you using IE [Internet Explorer] ? More than 70% user around the world, they’re using IE for their web exploring, for searching….and maybe 60% of them are always interrupt by the IE error from time to times. I don’t know why IE is always suck? I like to use it because it light and no need to spend time for download and install such a third party software. But, each time when I open it, it always makes me headache of its error. Yesterday, I just installed the Safari web browser to instead the IE, but everything is still the same. Safari was made up by Apple computer inc, and I always heard Steve Job, the Apple’s CEO proud that “Safari is the fastest web browser and safe”, but everything is just the ads…no one better than anyone.

Firefox, I don’t like firefox coz of its user interface not so attractive, not so smooth but it’s better that IE and Safari. FF is rarely to get into trouble like IE and Safari does. It load the web page is faster than IE 7, IE 8 beta 2 or even IE 100000…. :P. So, now I’m using FF as my default web browser instead of stupid, stinking..Safari and IE.

Oops! Microsoft is the biggest software company in the world but build the IE, the worst web browser in the world. Sound not so good for Microsoft then.


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