This morning the last day for me at my school’s laboratory rooms. This morning I’d god an oral test. There are 2 teachers waiting to ask me hehe. When I stopped to the room, he (one of 2 teachers) asked me: “I give you a choice. You choose a part that you like the most for me to ask you or I’ll ask you like others Vietnamese students”. I didn’t know which part to choose, so I let he asked me like everyone else did.

Fortunately, the questions were not so difficult for me because I did prepare very good at home and when I went to school, I asked my friends there.

15 minutes later, he asked to another teacher “Do you have anything to ask him?”. She said “No”. So, he stopped for awhile and then let me go out.

And then everything finished. I am now so happy then because I’ve spent 5 years with laboratory room, I really scare about the chemical element.

So, now let’s say “Everything finished. I’ve been released”


Finally, I killed it!

I’ve been stuck with Crysis: Warhead lately. I like this game so much, coz it’s graphics look so nice and the story is perfect. But, I really don’t like the robots, especially big robots, it’s hard to kill it. But now I almost finish it. This morning, I killed it. hahaha

So nice! Can’t wait to see another Crysis coming again.

TV Show – One Tree Hill Season 6

One.Tree.Hill.S06E07.HDTV.XviD-NoTV There are a lot of TV dramas on TV, but most of them are Korean dramas. Korean dramas are always talk about love, business, rarely to see it talks about everyday life.

This recent months, I kinda of busy with a TV series, an American drama which called “One Tree Hill“. Tree Hill is a name of a place in N.Colorado, USA. It’s a town actually. OTH is a kind of drama that shows you a life American’s everyday life. OTH will show you about American students life, American families everyday life…. The most important that OTH makes me like it is the actors and actress they knows how to fix their problem with a suitable reason and a perfect situation.

“Jimmy Lin Scot” is a name of a little boy in OTH. He smart. He just a boy but his strategy, I like him a lot and hope in the future I will have a boy like him.

20 minutes electricity cut

Tonight, at 10:30 PM, my dorms electricity was cut. Everyone, came out of their  room and made some chat with each other. With this 20 minutes, we talked and talked with each other, its seem like a break time for us.

I don’t know how could it be if electricity in USA will be cut, but here is nothing at all, nothing worst gonna happen coz we’re always happy even the electricity is cut. hahaha. That’s the different between VN and USA.

Crysis Warhead – My New Game

crysis_warhead What will you do when you got stress? Most people will choose to do exercises, watching movie with family, hang out with girl/boyfriend..bla bla…But for me, when i got stress the first thing i gonna do is playing game. I play many games but most of them are shooting, action and adventure game. I don’t like to play game online because most people when they play game online they’re always addict to it and that’s why I don’t want to try it.

I played CoD4, just finished a month ago. I used to play Crysis (old version), but it seemed not to be very attractive, so I when to the shop and buy Gears of War (a Microsoft product). GoW is really really hard to play. And now, i’m playing Crysis Warhead, the newest version of Crysis. What i like the most? Crysis warhead, is really nice game, good graphic and nice nice nice….hahaha. But there are one thing that i really dont like about Crysis, there are too many robots and aliens which very strong that i really hard to kill it.

You’ll like Crysis Warhead when you try it. But you might need to upgrade your PC component if you need to play it. Graphic card, RAM and HDD is the most recommend for Crysis Warhead:

  1. Windows XP (All version):
    • CPU: Intel P4 2.8GHz. Better Intel Core 2 Dou or higher
    • RAM: 1GB or higher
    • Graphic card: NVidia series 7, 8, 9 or higher with 256MB or hgher
    • HDD: Free space 12GB or bigger
  2. Windows Vista (all version):
    • CPU: CPU: Intel P4 2.8GHz. Better Intel Core 2 Dou or higher
    • RAM: 1.5GB or higher
    • HDD 12GB or bigger
    • Graphic card: NVidia series 7, 8, 9 or higher with 256MB or higher

I think when you try it at the first time, u might like it then coz its graphic i just amazing.

Let’s try it if you have time or when you’re stress just think about this guy, it can helps you to heal the stress then.

“Try it out”

Why ??

I’ve been busied with my class, my lab…and also with my stupid PC lately. I’ve got a big and messy desktop which running Windows Vista Home Basic. I installed Basic because it use less memory than another editions and it’s cheaper than the others. But lately, it kind of freaked me out. I was attack by many many spywares, so I needed to reinstall my Operating system again. When everything finished, my network card was not working, I couln’t connect to the internet. It made me so headache about this stupid problem that always happend with PCs.

I don’t know why don’t Microsoft do something to improve their products security? Why PCs always suck? And why Microsoft take a look at Apple Computer, do they have such a problem like you?

This Friday, Apple computer just announced their new MacBook with Aluminium enclosure and it did look so nice. But as everyone knew, Apple products are always more expensive than another product enclude Microsofts product and that’s why it’s not so pop in Asia.

Windows means Headache”

“Magazine report says Elton John to visit Cambodia”

According to an e-mail alert from Google News with a title “Magazine report says Elton John to visit Cambodia” it really made me surprise coz i’m a big of Elton John. I hope that he’ll go to Cambodia next year, coz next year is my graduate year, so that i will see him with my 2 eyes if he comes and make a concert in cambodia. hehe….Oops! here’s the whole e-mail from google news:

“Phnom Penh – Sir Elton John, British superstar and heavyweight activist in the fight against HIV/AIDS, has told a US magazine he is planning a visit to Cambodia.

   Sir Elton and partner David Furnish have raised more than 150 million dollars for projects to assist people living with the virus through the Elton John Aids Foundation since it was set up in 1992.

    ‘This year, we look forward to traveling to Cambodia to visit projects in that country,’ Kansas City-based Camp Magazine quoted Sir Elton as telling journalist and gay rights activist Mark Segal.

   The colourful pop icon, known for dozens of hits including Crocodile Rock, I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues and his tribute to Princess Diana, Candle in the Wind, has focused his humanitarian work on HIV/AIDS projects and regularly visits countries ravaged by the virus such as South Africa.

   Although Cambodia has reduced its rate of HIV/AIDS in recent years, it still has one of the highest in the region and people with the virus continue to face stigma and discrimination.

   The visit would be Sir Elton’s first to Cambodia.”