Why ??

I’ve been busied with my class, my lab…and also with my stupid PC lately. I’ve got a big and messy desktop which running Windows Vista Home Basic. I installed Basic because it use less memory than another editions and it’s cheaper than the others. But lately, it kind of freaked me out. I was attack by many many spywares, so I needed to reinstall my Operating system again. When everything finished, my network card was not working, I couln’t connect to the internet. It made me so headache about this stupid problem that always happend with PCs.

I don’t know why don’t Microsoft do something to improve their products security? Why PCs always suck? And why Microsoft take a look at Apple Computer, do they have such a problem like you?

This Friday, Apple computer just announced their new MacBook with Aluminium enclosure and it did look so nice. But as everyone knew, Apple products are always more expensive than another product enclude Microsofts product and that’s why it’s not so pop in Asia.

Windows means Headache”


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