TV Show – One Tree Hill Season 6

One.Tree.Hill.S06E07.HDTV.XviD-NoTV There are a lot of TV dramas on TV, but most of them are Korean dramas. Korean dramas are always talk about love, business, rarely to see it talks about everyday life.

This recent months, I kinda of busy with a TV series, an American drama which called “One Tree Hill“. Tree Hill is a name of a place in N.Colorado, USA. It’s a town actually. OTH is a kind of drama that shows you a life American’s everyday life. OTH will show you about American students life, American families everyday life…. The most important that OTH makes me like it is the actors and actress they knows how to fix their problem with a suitable reason and a perfect situation.

“Jimmy Lin Scot” is a name of a little boy in OTH. He smart. He just a boy but his strategy, I like him a lot and hope in the future I will have a boy like him.

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