Take A Look!!

Tonight, I read a news from Vietnamese Newspaper about the situation in Bangkok, Thailand to know how is it going right now, but the news was very surprised me. The news talked about 2 Vietnamese people who went to Bangkok for work and tour as everyone else and another Italian man who work and living in Cambodia for 4 years.

In the news they said something a lot about Cambodia. First of all, was about the border’s problem. They said ” the border polices work not so as quick as Thailand does and the fee for visa and passport is higher than the fee that Cambodian government signed”. Second, the taxi drivers, sound very ashamed when I read the news. They said, taxi drivers was not do as the same as everything that they agreed. Third was about the road. They said the road was very awful, too much dust…

When I finished reading, I don’t know why our country is still …..like that. Why our people, our government take a look at all those thing to make all the foreigners, tourists fells comfortable when they come or across about beauty country then? I hope our people and government make everything good could happen as quick as our neighborhood did.

“I love Cambodia and I love Cambodian people, so please don’t make anyone look down at us, please!!”

Search everything in your PCs with ease

If you’re a PC user, you’ll face a very hug problem with your files finding. Sometimes you just don’t remember where you file is. It’ll take times for you to find your files location. Fortunately, Microsoft just made a very useful software to heal this problem. Now we have Windows Desktop Search, released by Microsoft Corporation and it really helpful. Just go to this web link and then download it, install it and then configure some step below. You’ll feel free to search everything in your PCs.

Click the magnify
icon on your computer’s taskbar.

Then, click Modify

If you want to search everything in your computer, just click every folder, drives then click OK

And the last thing you can is just click on the Search icon on Taskbar and type the name of file you wanna search.

Hope everyone enjoy it.

Any comment or any questions just let me know!!

The Songs That I’ve Been Waiting For

Akon is my best favorite singer. Just about a week ago, I checked my YouTube inbox, I got an e-mail from Akon sent to all his fans that he’ll release a new album called “Freedom” soon in this month. So since that day, I’ve been waiting and still keep waiting till today I got it. Today such a good day for me. I felt that I’ll get sick today, but when I woke up everything changed, everything fine and so that I can go to school to run my project keep moving again. This noon I went to lunch with my friend, not alone as I always did. Today, I finished a part of my research and it’s such a good news for me and my teacher too.

And when I came home, I just sat at the bus stop and see some of my friends and we chatted with each other and so lucky for me, just 5 minutes, the bus came and so…I got home early.

However I don’t even know what will happen to me tomorrow. Tomorrow I and my friends, we have a plan. We’ll to see movie, High School Musical 3, maybe at 20:20 I thought. So I hope everything will be okay for me like today.

Anyway, thanks a lot to my friend that gave me Akon’s new album, the album that I always waiting for it to comes. hehe

Why Mac OS is still not so popular in Asia??

Mac OS is the most popular OS in the world, but it’d not be in Asia. There are too many reason why Mac OS is not so popular in Asia. The first of all is the price, its price is too high for Asian people, especially developing countries, to afford. Mac OS is so nice and stylish for all teenagers to dreams of but the price is still the biggest problem. Second, software capabilities. Mac OS doesn’t support all the software that in Asia usually use and the biggest problem is Unicode supporting. In Mac OS, you couldn’t type Khmer Unicode or Laos Unicode coz it doesn’t support all of those software. Third, Mac OS doesn’t allow u to install it on PCs which mostly use my Asian people. Fourth, Mac OS seemed hard to use if we compare to Microsoft Windows.

Since the day I knew there was Mac OS, I still don’t understand why Mac OS doesn’t allow us to install on PCs? And why Apple Computer just allow all people install their OS on PCs? But if Apple makes this happen, they’ll face to a lot of problem with third party software and hard support like Microsoft Windows does.

However, Mac OS is still the most popular OS. I myself, I really like Mac OS and I hope that one day, Apple will makes their machines more affordable than today and I hope that Apple will take a look how to make their OS support all Asian Language, especially Unicode.

Weekend with beer

I’m not a good drinker, I’m not a alcoholic person but I can drink, but not too much. This Friday, I and my friends celebrated a small party. There were about 25 people joined us, but there were only 10 or 12 people could drink beer and one of ’em was me.

We cooked some meal, and bought some drink, actually alcoholic drink. The party started at 6 PM and end at 1 AM. We drank and sang some songs, but not included me coz I didn’t know how to sing a song, so I just stood up and listened to everyone sang their favorite songs.

At the end of the party, everyone had to clean the room and we looked very happy. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring any cameras so I didn’t take any pictures to share with you guys.

At about 1 AM, I drove my friend home. Unfortunately for us again, our motor was broken so my friend decided to wake on home and I had to drive the motorcycle home even I’s been broken.

It’s sound so weird but we had no choice. Fortunately, we home safe and then I took a bath and go to bed as usual. But before I went to bed, I listened to my best favorite song first, “If I were a boy”, I like this song so much.

Ok, now it’s time for me to go to sleep then, I’ll talk to you later guys, but don’t think that I drunk because now everything fine for me beside a little bit headache coz of alcohol. I still drink alcoholic drink [not too much, just sometimes] even I knew that it’s not good for health.

Stay safe, please stay away from alcoholic drink, beer, and any kinds of wine.”

MS Work – An invisible software


I think most you never heard about this software. I used to try this guy once, but everything seemed not too attractive, so I decided to give up with it. This software always bundled with brand new pc, especially laptops. Just several months ago, I heard a news that Microsoft no long support for this guy maybe coz of its users. This software has: Microsoft Work that’s look similar to Microsoft Word but less function than MS Word, Microsoft Note, Calender and more. But the most of them are useless.

Months ago, my friend bought a laptop and I saw this guy but my friend didn’t install it. First it need more HDD space to install and run. Second it hard to use and not so useful. Third, its user interface is not attractive. Coz all of these reasons, I and my friend decided not to install it and let this guy rest in peace.

This not mean that I don’t want you guys to try this useless software, it’s just my opinion, if you guys wanna try just install it and try it for sure. I hope you guys happy with it.

Such A Lazy Day Today

From weeks to weeks, from days to days, I spend the most of my times at school with my teacher at my laboratory room. I don’t feel boring or lazy. But today, when I woke up, everything changed. I kind of lazy and lazy like hell. I don’t know what hell is going with me now, but maybe coz I’m lazy. Hehe

Other ways, this 2 days I’ve been trying to buy some n-Butanol for my project, but I couldn’t buy it either. From shops to shops, they told me “it’s out of stock”.

“What the..!!!”.

Last night, my teacher, she told me to go to a shop near to my school. But those shop is kind of suck, I have to call them first about 1 hour and maybe I have to wait for them about 30 minutes more [wait for the goods that they’ll bring to me from another stock].

So, today I decided not to go to school. I better take a half day off and prepare everything for my VN Teacher’s Day that I and my friends will go to see my our teacher tonight. I hope, everything fine.