The Most Beautiful Woman


Kim Tae Hee, one of the greatest and the most beautiful actress I ever seen. The first time when I watched her drama, “Love Story In Harvard”, I really like her.

She has a very beautiful natural skin, two black big eyes, beautiful nose and she looks so Asian.

Kim Tae Hee, a 28 age years old Korean actress has been chosen for “The Korean Most Beautiful Actress”, celebrated by a VN newspaper, “VNExpress”, with 49,2% of voters and one of them is me :P 

I and my friends enclouding ijajaja, hehe, we’re her big fans and now we’re waiting to see her next drama, “Iris”, that’ll be release soon. Oh! man, I can’t wait to see her beautiful, lovely face again. I hope Iris will be release in next year, because if it won’t, I won’t have chance to see it then because next year I’ll be back to Cambodia and then my hope will be nothing.

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