Such A Bad Day For Me Today

This morning I just felt not so good since I woke up. I decided not to go to school, but suddenly I received a sms from my friend and she needed to borrow the key [desk’s key] that teacher gave to me. It was about 9AM, kind of late for school but I had to go school to give her the key.

When I arrived school, I decided not to come back to my dorm at noon, but everything just began wrong. First, I opened up the fright coz I need to take my plant’s extract to do my research as usual. Unfortunately, I took the wrong bottle. It was not all my fault, my friend’s partner he borrowed my bottle for protect his plant’s extract, but he forgot to made any mark such as his name, or anything mark to recognize that’s him.

After about 20 minute, I took the key from my friend and then I opened the desk, “Oh! My Gosh…I took the wrong bottle”.

After I recognize that was him, so I didn’t do anything. I stood up for awhile and then I decided to go back to my dorm and took some rest.

What happen to me? No one can answer beside myself, but even myself, I still couldn’t find the answer either. Am I fool?? L


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