MS Work – An invisible software


I think most you never heard about this software. I used to try this guy once, but everything seemed not too attractive, so I decided to give up with it. This software always bundled with brand new pc, especially laptops. Just several months ago, I heard a news that Microsoft no long support for this guy maybe coz of its users. This software has: Microsoft Work that’s look similar to Microsoft Word but less function than MS Word, Microsoft Note, Calender and more. But the most of them are useless.

Months ago, my friend bought a laptop and I saw this guy but my friend didn’t install it. First it need more HDD space to install and run. Second it hard to use and not so useful. Third, its user interface is not attractive. Coz all of these reasons, I and my friend decided not to install it and let this guy rest in peace.

This not mean that I don’t want you guys to try this useless software, it’s just my opinion, if you guys wanna try just install it and try it for sure. I hope you guys happy with it.

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