Traffic Jam

This evening, I and my friend, we drove a motorbike to dinner about 2 km away from our dorm. It’s just about 2km long but have to spent about 1 hour for traveling.

I don’t know what should I say but I just know that I really hate traffic jam in Vietnam and especially I hate to travel in Vietnam. It’s don’t just because of the roads but mostly are because of people who use the road. When you come to Vietnam, you’ll see why I say that. People are never care about how traffic going, they’re just care about how could that pass the road, how could that get home or work as fast as they can. There is a limit speed in the city but seem no one care. They drive their vehicle high speed and if the want to turn left or right, they just turns, they seem never care how the people are driving behind them doing. I can tell you that the traffic in Vietnam is like a racing place.

I always see people they yells to each other on the roadside. How can you imagine when you just driving on the road, suddenly there is a man who’s driving in front of you and he stop his vehicle and pick a phone call right in the middle of the road? Just about his phone call, he makes all the road dies.

There a lot of problems that you’ll see if you drive on road in Vietnam, especially in the city.


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