Why Mac OS is still not so popular in Asia??

Mac OS is the most popular OS in the world, but it’d not be in Asia. There are too many reason why Mac OS is not so popular in Asia. The first of all is the price, its price is too high for Asian people, especially developing countries, to afford. Mac OS is so nice and stylish for all teenagers to dreams of but the price is still the biggest problem. Second, software capabilities. Mac OS doesn’t support all the software that in Asia usually use and the biggest problem is Unicode supporting. In Mac OS, you couldn’t type Khmer Unicode or Laos Unicode coz it doesn’t support all of those software. Third, Mac OS doesn’t allow u to install it on PCs which mostly use my Asian people. Fourth, Mac OS seemed hard to use if we compare to Microsoft Windows.

Since the day I knew there was Mac OS, I still don’t understand why Mac OS doesn’t allow us to install on PCs? And why Apple Computer just allow all people install their OS on PCs? But if Apple makes this happen, they’ll face to a lot of problem with third party software and hard support like Microsoft Windows does.

However, Mac OS is still the most popular OS. I myself, I really like Mac OS and I hope that one day, Apple will makes their machines more affordable than today and I hope that Apple will take a look how to make their OS support all Asian Language, especially Unicode.


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