Take A Look!!

Tonight, I read a news from Vietnamese Newspaper about the situation in Bangkok, Thailand to know how is it going right now, but the news was very surprised me. The news talked about 2 Vietnamese people who went to Bangkok for work and tour as everyone else and another Italian man who work and living in Cambodia for 4 years.

In the news they said something a lot about Cambodia. First of all, was about the border’s problem. They said ” the border polices work not so as quick as Thailand does and the fee for visa and passport is higher than the fee that Cambodian government signed”. Second, the taxi drivers, sound very ashamed when I read the news. They said, taxi drivers was not do as the same as everything that they agreed. Third was about the road. They said the road was very awful, too much dust…

When I finished reading, I don’t know why our country is still …..like that. Why our people, our government take a look at all those thing to make all the foreigners, tourists fells comfortable when they come or across about beauty country then? I hope our people and government make everything good could happen as quick as our neighborhood did.

“I love Cambodia and I love Cambodian people, so please don’t make anyone look down at us, please!!”


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