Midnight awake

sleep and awake is always happen to you, to me and to everyone in every night and day. tonight, while i was sleeping and dreaming about something that i don’t really remember, suddenly i woke up. don’t know why i woke up. as usual, when i wake up i always have a glass of pure water and then i go to bed again, but tonight i can’t even feel sleepy again. why? I don’t know too but something just happened.

The Game I Stuck With


We live in this world, no one live without smile or happy. Me, myself, I’d like to make myself happy too. In this 21st century, video games become very popular for everyone who want to heal their trouble.

This recent days I’ve got stuck with a new release game called: “Call of duty: world at war”. Oh yeah, this is very exciting game. I used to play Call of duty 4, but the graphic is not as good as this guy.

In fact, if you want to make this game run smoothly on your PC, you’ll need more RAM and newest graphic card.

An if you run it on Windows Vista, you’ll see how good it is. hehe.

Bad day

Saturday is weekend for me and everyone around the globe. But there is one thing that make my Saturday become such a bad day for me, my phone. Today, my phone didn’t work so well. No signal, i can’t make a call or even sms to my buddies. I don’t know what happen to my phone or it could be coz of my service provider, Vinaphone.

Vinaphone is the most popular mobile service in Vietnam but some time it suck. How ever, I still use it. hehe…maybe i should to call to my customer are for help then.

The Best Data Recovery Software

Today my friend wanted me to repair his computer. there is some problem with his laptop and he needs me to help him to fix it out. anyway, there is nothing wrong with his computer, there was some software problem, actually trail softwares were expire.

Unfortunately, i made a mistake, i formatted his drive D:\, the data drive. At the first time i was so shock, but after awhile, i tried to recover it. i search on the internet i found a very interesting software, EASEUS Data Recovery.

Wow..it’s so imagine, i can recover all his data on drive D:\ that i formatted.

So, if someone have the same problem to me, please just try once and then you’ll know the result and you’ll realize how good this guy is.

“No spyware, no unwanted software and 100% clean”

The Sweetest Girl – Akon

This evening, i just fool around on youtube and i found a very nice song that i never heard before and so i can’t wait to share it with you guys. unfortunately, the embed function was disable, so i just can give you guys the link. if anyone want to try just click on this link.

Wish you guys have a nice weekend.

The World We’re Living

Maybe there is only one planet that we can survive, The Earth. We called the Earth is a green planet, but everything on the Earth is not always green especially human, we’re the reason that make out green world become…unsafe place for human kinds and animal. But in this topic I don’t want talk about all those problems, “The World We’re Living”, I mean the world that we’re living in is very unfair and complicated.

The world we’re living is always like that, no one can change it, just let things go. Me, myself, I’m so sick with this complicated world.