Is it Khmer made Linux??

Today is a kind of surprise day for me. Just back from lunch, read the news on Softpedia, wow!!…A Khmer letter logo on Softpedia website.

What is it? Why Khmer letter logo in here?” Never waste the time, check it up. “Oh! It’s a Linux named moonOS which has a very beautiful logo in Khmer.”

I don’t know is it a OS made my Khmer people or else, but it’s  true, it’d be very good then coz it’ll show the world that Khmer is not just little girl anymore. Khmer is growing up.

Check this out:


Log in UI of moonOS


Desktop background of moonOS


The Different Between Safari 4 and IE7

I’ve been using IE for long time, IE6, IE7 or even IE8 but it’s just not enough for me, a man who like IT, hehe.

IE gives you a very easy way to use. It use less memory and load quicker than others. IE support a lot of plug-in, full support a lot of languages even Asian languages. But the biggest problem of IE is speed and security. If we compare the speed between IE and others browsers, we’ll see how the different is. IE is the slowest web browser. Font size and view in IE is very ridiculous, it’s look not smooth and sometimes messy. hehe

Safari 4 is the latest web browser develop my Apple Inc. Safari is my best favorite. I like its look, its font size and view, I like its speed. And the most important is it loads the web page very fast and good looking. But, first time we load it’s seem so slow, maybe its use more memory than IE. About security, I’m not sure that it’d be better than or else. hehe

Look at this pics bellow:


Acid3 test result of IE


Acid3 test result of Safari 4


Font size and view in IE7


Font size and view in Safari 4

Hyundai in Cambodia ?

According to Everyday News, a Korean Motor company, Hyundai, will build their first motor factory in Cambodia. Hyundai Vice president met Samdach Heng Samrin this Wednesday 25 for his agreement and his supporting. Samdach Heng Samrin said that he was very happy if this could happen in Cambodia and he said that it’d be good for both company and Cambodian people coz company will make a lot of work for Cambodian people.

Me, myself, I was really happy when I read that news coz I really want to see Cambodia stand up and develop like another countries in ASEAN. Nowdays, a lot of countries and people are still looking down at Cambodia and they said Cambodia will not develop or grow up like them.

“Stand up Cambodia!!”

Safari 4 Beta

Safari is the most and the only default web browser for every Mac users, but today its not just about Mac users, now even Windows users can also install Safari on their PC and brows the web with ease and quick. Since Apple has released the Safari for Windows, it become more popular and many people begin to like the Safari and use it as everyday web browsing instead IE. I’ve been using Safari since it’s released.

Today, when I check news on the internet, I was really surprise when I read a news that Mac released Safari 4. Don’t want to waste the time, just go straight to the Apple’s website, download and install it right in my computer, my old one.

Wow!!…the first thing when I open the new Tap, the Blank page is now instead by the “Top Site” pages with a very nice views. It’s make me feel like I’m using Apple TV. Hehe…

Anyway, Safari has nothing much more change to Safari 3 beside the Tap is now on the top of the browser and the most important thing is Safari 4 pass the acid3’s test with 100/100 points. What an imaging!!

Here is some pictures that I just want to show you guys about Safari 4:

03New Tap fill with the Top Sites

02  Browser Taps is now on the top


100/100 points of Acid3’s test

ចំរៀងសំរាប់ ថ្ងៃចុងសបា្តហ៍

“ចំប៊ីសៀម​រាប” ជាបទតាំងពីជំនាន់ដើម និងពិរោះណាស់ ហើយក៏ជាបទដែលខ្ញុំចូលចិត្ត។

“Champey Sien Reap” is an old musice by Sun Sinsamuth and it’s really nice song and it’s one of my favorite songs.

What should I do now?

Backed home with a very tired face. Didn’t waste the time, just take off my shirt and then press my computer power button on, logged on to my computer and then check my Outlook Inbox.

“Wow! I’ve got 2 new unread emails” One from Mr.Philip and another one from unknown email account, Mr. Tuan An.

I read the email from Mr. Tuan Anh, “Oh! My God!” He called me but unfortunately, he called to my old phone number that I just through it coz it’s been blocked by the service provider. That’s weird.

In the email, he wanted me to write a CV and apply to him, but I just afraid that I am not prepare enough to be an employee yet.

So, what should I do then? Should I write the CV and apply to him or just let it pass?

Dear Ms. Sophea CHEA,
I have just received your application letter via e.mail through by Mr. Philip Disdorn, I tried in vain to call you with your given telephone number is (+84)9 450 84210
Please kindly send us your CV and we would like to have a meeting with you for further discussion regarding to your proposal.
I am looking forward to hearing from your soon.Many regards,

You can see in the email, he called me Ms.Sophea. Haha…That’s very funny. I’m not a Ms or Miss, but I’m a Mr.

Hahaha…Why everyone always think that I am a girl like that? Maybe coz of my name sound like a girl’s name.

hahahah…Funny then!!! 😀

An E-mail from Mr.Philip

It’s been a month ago that I wrote an e-mail to Mr.Philip, project manager of B.Braun Company. Since than, I never got any reply from him, till today, when i checked my inbox, i’ve got an e-mail from him and he gave me some information. Maybe i should to meet him one day.

 Dear Sophea,

thank you very much for your email. Sorry for not replying earlier, but I was the last weeks in Germany on holidays.
I am surprised to hear that Cambodian people are studying at Hanoi Universities. Do you speak Vietnamese?

I will discuss your inquiry with our HR manager and check possibilties. But as this is my first day back at work, I need a couple of days. I will let you know as soon as possible.

If you want, we can meet some day for a coffee or something. Ok?

Best regards,