Why Mac??

Well, there is too many question about Mac, the most popular computer in this 21st century. Till today, I still don’t know why everyone love Mac so much? For me, actually, I’m a Mac’s big fan too. I’ve been thinking one day I’ll buy a brand new Mac, but now I think, I’m gonna buy that Mac again. There are some reasons:

  • First – the price: as everyone know, Mac is a high quality product and absolutely its price is very high if we compare to another products and the price is always a big problem for student like me and for Asian people, I thought.
  • Second – usage: if we compare Macs with PCs, I think, there is nothing different between ’em. Sometimes PCs are very useful then Macs. PCs can do anything like Macs does such as: Office works, Design, Photos…and some applications Macs couldn’t do like PCs. For every Mac new users, they’ll be take times to try to use Macs in advance.
  • Third – necessary: if we said that Mac is the best choice for our everyday work, I think it’s not. Why we need to spend bunch of money just for a computer that its price equal another 2 computers combine? We buy a machine just for our everyday application use and we won’t need to spend that much money coz just we want to be a model or style, we better keep that money for another use, it’d be good for us.

Through all of these reasons, I am now begin to hate Macs. PCs are still my best friend and it’d be my best friend forever.

“So, why MACS??”


3 thoughts on “Why Mac??

  1. for me, I loved Mac designed it look so simple and the best thing i liked bout Mac is that there is no virus for it yet. Not that I have a lot of money to spend on it but it just that Mac caught my eye and heart 😉

  2. csphea

    hehe..yeah sure. Mac is design for stylish and simple with high quality material and we rarely to Mac attack by viruses but it doesn’t mean that there is no virus in Mac, this recent days i heard the news about Trojans in Mac. hehe

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