Hyundai in Cambodia ?

According to Everyday News, a Korean Motor company, Hyundai, will build their first motor factory in Cambodia. Hyundai Vice president met Samdach Heng Samrin this Wednesday 25 for his agreement and his supporting. Samdach Heng Samrin said that he was very happy if this could happen in Cambodia and he said that it’d be good for both company and Cambodian people coz company will make a lot of work for Cambodian people.

Me, myself, I was really happy when I read that news coz I really want to see Cambodia stand up and develop like another countries in ASEAN. Nowdays, a lot of countries and people are still looking down at Cambodia and they said Cambodia will not develop or grow up like them.

“Stand up Cambodia!!”

One thought on “Hyundai in Cambodia ?

  1. Sopheap

    i think so, it a bit late for cambodia to have such kind of factory but never mind we will be strong and prosperious agian.

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