The Different Between Safari 4 and IE7

I’ve been using IE for long time, IE6, IE7 or even IE8 but it’s just not enough for me, a man who like IT, hehe.

IE gives you a very easy way to use. It use less memory and load quicker than others. IE support a lot of plug-in, full support a lot of languages even Asian languages. But the biggest problem of IE is speed and security. If we compare the speed between IE and others browsers, we’ll see how the different is. IE is the slowest web browser. Font size and view in IE is very ridiculous, it’s look not smooth and sometimes messy. hehe

Safari 4 is the latest web browser develop my Apple Inc. Safari is my best favorite. I like its look, its font size and view, I like its speed. And the most important is it loads the web page very fast and good looking. But, first time we load it’s seem so slow, maybe its use more memory than IE. About security, I’m not sure that it’d be better than or else. hehe

Look at this pics bellow:


Acid3 test result of IE


Acid3 test result of Safari 4


Font size and view in IE7


Font size and view in Safari 4

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