My head is going to blow up sometime, someday that I don’t know when would it happen.

This week, there are too many things happen to me and most of them are bad things. Yesterday morning, I lost 500 000VND ($30) . It’s not such a lot of money, but for a student like me, it’s still a lot of money. And when the evening came, there was a very bad news for me that I failed the exam, the most important subject and through those subject my future will depend on it.

Do you know what subject is??

It’s a kind of philosophy that talk about V.I.Lenin and all about Communist. I said that it’s very important for me but I didn’t mean that I like it or I’ll become a politician anyway, but if I fail it, I won’t graduate on my schedule and that what I worry the most.

Yesterday evening, I tried to do my first TLC (Thin Layer Chromatography), but everything just didn’t work so well and I had to give up.

This morning, when I woke up, my head is head and it’s going to blow up soon.

Oh my GOD..what should I do to live through this terrible day?? Am I going to die soon?

Somebody give me any answers please!!! ??

PDF reader

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a very popular file format today and everyone know it. When we talk about PDF, we’ll talk about PDF reader and commonly we use Adobe Reader to read the file.

Today, I’m going to introduce you a new PDF reader called: Foxit Reader. Foxit is a small program that allow you to read your e-books in PDF format with no doubt.

You’ve been using Adobe reader for years and you feel that you just don’t want to switch to another application, but please try this one, you’d like it. I know that it’s not important to switch from Adobe reader to Foxit reader, but as we know, no one want to switch from Windows XP to Windows Vista, but we just have to switch.

With Foxit you will read your e-books with free application as Adobe does, but the best thing of Foxit is: it use less memory than Adobe and that’s why I suggest you to use it.

You can download it for free or you will spend some money if you want more function from Foxit such as: PDF creator, PDF editor…

Hope you guys enjoy it!!

Another week’s coming

Sunday is leaving and Monday is coming next.

I like Sunday and I really hate Monday. Monday is a day to do a lot of work that I don’t want to do it, but I have to do it.

Today, I decided that I’ll write a report for my teacher that he usually ask for it every Monday.

Last week, he asked me for my report, but I told him that I didn’t write and do anything, so I don’t have anything to report and then he left me. hehe

This week, I am sure that he’s going to ask me about my report again, so I need to write it as good as possible.

Oh man! I hate Monday!!.

“The Time Is Now”

“The Time Is Now” is a little of John Cena’s song. John Cena is my best favorite wrestler and also my best favorite Hollywood star.

His song is good. Anyway, “The Time Is Now”, in this topic is not about his song, but it’s about my exam. I’m going to have the last exam this evening. So, today is my deadline and the time that I have been waiting for is now [today].

Actually, I don’t like this subject, coz it talk about Communist’s ethos and I’m a democratic. But what should I do? I don’t have any choice, because now I’m studying in a communist country, everything could happen even I don’t want it.

I hope today, I can do it perfectly and I hope that I can complete this task.

“Buddha will help me!!”

How Lazy I Am

The last examination will coming soon, but I just don’t want to read the lesson.

“Will I fail the exam??”

It’s the only question that I always ask to myself everyday and every time when I begin to read my lesson, but there’s always something wrong with me. I’m so lazy to read it.

In fact, I really hate this subject, but what should I do, I have no choice then beside pushing hard to read it.

I hope that I can pass this last subject.