APEAL – My Little Brother

Actually when you have a pet, a dog, you’ll love him/her for reasons. For me, my dog seemed to be my little brother. I’m the last member of my family, so I didn’t have any little brothers or sisters anyway. About 7 years ago, when I was a high school student, I had a pet, a dog. His name is “A Peal” which mean “2 or 3 colors” dog. He had 2 color fur, yellow and white. He was a fierce dog, but he never bit me and he really loved me.

He’s such a good dog to me and my family. He protected our family from thieves, he protected everything belong to us. Everyday, he went to the field with my cows and he never came back home except my cows came home too. He ran to field with my cows and he always stayed with them no matter where my cows were, he still kept going with them and protected them from another cows or even humans that tried to bit or even tried to near my cows. One day, when I came back from school, the first thing I wanted to see is my dog, but that day, I couldn’t find him slept next to my cows as he did everyday. That day, I saw him slept under a tree with an injure on his left front foot.

My Buddha! Who did this to him?? I told it to my brother-in-law and we tried to bring him into our house, but he didn’t want to come, coz he was really afraid of my brother-in-law each time he did something wrong. It was about a month that I tried to look after him. He couldn’t eat, he couldn’t sleep coz of his injure, but he still wanted to go to the field with my cows. So, I had to chain him at home and I fed him everyday. A month later, he could walk and run like he did before, but he just more afraid of people.

I didn’t know what happen between my cows and my dog, but my dog, he really loved my cows and he always protected them. This habit, made everyone villagers and everyone who knew him surprised and they wanted to crooss-bred  their dog with my dog. But everything just really unbelievable, he never wanted it. I didn’t know what wrong with him, but he just didn’t want it.

One day, it was a raining day and I brought my cows to the field for feeding them and like usual, he went to the field with me. I, my cows and him walked together on the path to the field and the sky just keep raining. Me, my cows and him, we looked very cold, but we just kept going. When we arrived and found a good place for my cows and then I called him [my dog] to joined me under the rain coat. “Come on! Come on in, APeal!“. He came and he was really cold. About 15 or 20 minutes later, he slept on my feet right in front of me. When the rain stopped, he ran out and looked after my cows as usual.

Time arrived, it was 5 PM and it was time to go back home too. He ran in front of us [me and my cows] like a guard . When we arrived home, as usual, I always bathed him with shampoo, but he was a dog, he seemed not too happy when I bathed him, but he liked me to bathed him everyday. The dinner arrived, I always fed him the same food to me, I gave him everything I ate. That’s why I always think that he was my little brother. He was such a good dog, he would never eat anything that I didn’t want him to eat.

After he finished his dinner, he always ran to sleep right next to my cows and looked after them like a guard. And he won’t let anyone come near to my cows with no permission or with member of my family. One day, one of my cows was injure on it’s leg. Vet was trying to heal it but he [my dog] didn’t let him came close to the cow. So, my brother-in-law told me to look after him. The vet was really afraid of him.

Summer arrived and it was the party season in Cambodia. My home is right next to the pagoda and yeah, it’s really noisy sometimes. One day, there was a party at the pagoda. It was about 8PM, the party was about to use the firework. The firework began and it was my dining time too, but I just couldn’t find him [my dog]. I didn’t know where he was. I watched the firework while I was eating my dinner. The firework finished and I saw him ran out of my house and step-by-step down to the ground with 2 white eyes seemed he afraid of something. “Oh! You run on to the house and hide there, right? You’re afraid of firework right?” Unbelievable, he absolutely afraid of firework and then I called him come close to me and I gave him his dinner. After he finished his dinner, he went to sleep right next to my cows as he did everyday too.

2 years later, maybe in 2002. The years that I began my grade 12 and then we never had such a good time with each other like we did before, but he still kept his habit with my brother-in-law. In a whole year that I rarely to take time with him, but he still the best to me.

In 2003, I finished my grade 12 journey and began my University and liked every student, I have to go far away from home to Phnom Penh for begin the new life, student’s life. From that year on, I just could see him once a month, but he still remember my face and remember every word that I talked to him. One day, I came home with a smily face. The first thing that I really wanted to see is my family and him, but everything seemed very unusual. I couldn’t find him. I tried to find him everywhere, but I just still couldn’t find him. I asked my mom. “Mom! Where’s APeal ??” She said “He died a week ago in the forest behind your uncle’s home“. I had nothing to say beside cried like a baby. “Where did you keep his body?“. “In a hole at the corner of the pagoda’s fence“. I ran to there and cried [small sound]. “I wish, you’ll live in the heaven my little brother“. When I came back home, I asked my mom about his died. “I don’t know what’s going on with him too. But he didn’t eat for 3 days, he didn’t come home for 3 days. Your brother, your sister and your brother-in-law tried to find him but we just couldn’t find him. That evening, I went to the forest to pick up some died wood, I saw his body under a tree and your brother-in-law brought his body to kept in a hole that he dug it“.

From that day, I never find another dog like him. He’s like a little brother to me. He understand me, my family and we always gave him the love and we never think that he’s just a dog, but he’s a member of our family.

If you have pet, a dog, a cat or another animal, please give them to love and please think that they’re part of your family.

I always love you, APeal. You’re always my little brother! I hope you have a very good life. I always love you, I always be!


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