My New Stuff

Since my old Nokia 3230 has been crashed for awhile, I’ve been trying to find another cell phone that I can type SMS and make the call easily.

Yesterday, I found a suitable device. It’s BlackBerry 7230. Absolutely, this device is no long produce and absolutely it’s a second hand device, but the matter fack is: it’s good for me and it easy to use.

After using about a day, I think I like it more that another device. The most important thing that I like from it  is its keyboard that allow me to type the SMS more quickly and easier than another device like my Nokia 3230 couldn’t do.

I don’t know about its life but after this one die, I’m sure that I’m going to buy another BlackBerry to replace this old lady. hehe

But there is one thing that I hate about this old device is the LCD screen. Its screen is not as bright as my old Nokia 3230 does and it’s really difficult to read the SMS in the dark place or even under the sunlight.

But anyway, I like this guy and hope that it could stay with me as long as it can.

2 thoughts on “My New Stuff

  1. សុភា

    Hehe…you’ll like. That’s why PM Barack Obama still use his BB every White House don’t allow him to bring his BB into the White House 😛

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