The Day Has Come

“Hello World”… IT’s people has known this two words right? For nearly all of the Opensource software, when you want to test a program, you’ll be use this two words to test it.

In this topic, “Hello World” is not the words for me to test the program coz i’m not an IT’s people then. This words i just want to say hello to world and want to tell the world that my new life is just began.

For 6 years that i’ve been waiting for this day to come and finally it’s come with a perfect result that i never imagine.

Yesterday i just finished my student’s life and now i’m offically become a pharmacist and i really happy with this life, but biggest threat is waiting for me. i don’t know that i can find a good job or not.

However, i really happy that i can finish job with a prefect result. Thanks to everyone, esp all of my friends and my family that always mobilize me to fight with all of those threat. Thanks and thanks million times !!

British actress Lucy Gordon found dead in Paris

PARIS (AP) — British actress Lucy Gordon, who appeared in “Spider-Man 3,” was found dead in her Paris apartment after apparently committing suicide, French police said Thursday. She was 28.

An autopsy has been ordered to determine the cause of death, though it appeared to be a suicide, said an official with the Paris police headquarters. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of police agency policy, gave no details.

Gordon, who would have turned 29 on Friday, appeared in a dozen films, including as reporter Jennifer Dugan in “Spider-Man 3.” She portrays British singer and actress Jane Birkin in an upcoming biopic about Serge Gainsbourg.

Gordon’s father said the death was a “complete shock.”

Speaking from the family’s home in Oxford, Richard Gordon told Britain’s Press Association that his daughter was “a natural actress all her life, since she was about 2.”

“She’s always loved being on stage and in front of the camera and she has kept all her naturalness and charm all the way through. She has been the most beautiful daughter. We are obviously devastated.”

He said she loved her latest role, in the Gainsbourg film, and thought the cast was “wonderfully creative and supportive.”

He added that his daughter spent much of her childhood and her summer vacations in France and was bilingual. She recently moved to Paris after living in New York.

Gordon’s agents did not return phone calls seeking comment Thursday.

Mother’s Day in animal world

“Love mum!” This word has not limited everyone can use it and even animal also can use, but we just don’t understand what they say.


3Lion take care of her baby child


“Love mum!!”


“Hehe!…Is my baby look cute??”




“Kiss mama!!”


“Hmm…my son!!”

1011“Be careful son! “

12“Mama!! Somone’s looking at us!!”

14“Oh, son! Love you mum!!”

Princess Eugenie mugged in Cambodia

“Princess Eugenie and her friends were mugged while in Cambodia, according to reports.”

Can you believe that?? Is that Cambodia that everyone suppose to go?? What the hell all those thieves do to impress all the tourists?

If I’m a leader, i’ll punish all those thieves and i won’t care how bad i’ll do to all those uneducated. I love Khmer and I don’t want all the people around the world says that “Khmer is not one of the place that you should to go”.

Look at yourself, thieves, please do something to help Khmer to be a good country like another coutries in the world did. Please!!

BlackBerry will launch in Cambodia??

As I told you that I am a big fan of BlackBerry and really happy when i read the news that MobiTel, the largest GSM mobile phone service in Cambodia will bring BlackBerry to Cambodia.

BlackBerry is the most popular handhelps device in the US and many countries around the world. Many Hollywood stars are big fan of BlackBerry too such as Lilo, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Selena Gomez and many mores…

The first time you use the BlackBerry, you’ll feel how cool it is and then you’ll not be able to away from it.

I’m now using BlackBerry 7230, the old version but it’s really cool especially SMS function. It let me type SMS very quick and very comfortable.

I can’t wait to see MobiTel launch their first BlackBerry in Cambodia then.

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