The Day Has Come

“Hello World”… IT’s people has known this two words right? For nearly all of the Opensource software, when you want to test a program, you’ll be use this two words to test it.

In this topic, “Hello World” is not the words for me to test the program coz i’m not an IT’s people then. This words i just want to say hello to world and want to tell the world that my new life is just began.

For 6 years that i’ve been waiting for this day to come and finally it’s come with a perfect result that i never imagine.

Yesterday i just finished my student’s life and now i’m offically become a pharmacist and i really happy with this life, but biggest threat is waiting for me. i don’t know that i can find a good job or not.

However, i really happy that i can finish job with a prefect result. Thanks to everyone, esp all of my friends and my family that always mobilize me to fight with all of those threat. Thanks and thanks million times !!

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