New Find Explains Why Diabetes Drugs Affect the Heart

Softpedia website said:

Some time ago, researchers figured out that a specific class of anti-diabetes prescription drugs, known as thiazolidinediones (TZD), came with the risk of patients developing heart complications after use. The reason why this happened remained a mystery until recently, when a team of scientists managed to understand exactly how heart enlargement led to heart failure. The find, which was mostly the result of a study done on mice, may hold the clues experts need to prevent the side-effects of future generations of TZD. When the hearts increase, they switch from burning fat to burning glucose, which means that they have to get less oxygen, which saves energy. However, the latter fuel is not the optimum one, and the heart cells eventually become clogged with fat and commit suicide. The new study found that PPAR-γ was actually responsible for speeding up this transition. Further results of the study are available in the June issue of the scientific journal Cell Metabolism.

In a famous 2007 scandal, the drug Avandia (rosiglitazone), produced by GlaxoSmithKline, part of the TZD class, was proven to increase the chance of users taking it having a heart attack. While this set of pieces of evidence was highly controversial, another one holding that the compound was also associated with an increased frequency of heart failures was much less so. In heart failure, which is a fairly common condition, the heart becomes unable to pump sufficient blood through the body, which fails, Nature News reports.

“We already knew if you had heart failure you probably should not be taking these drugs, but this paper provides an additional explanation why,” Washington University School of Medicine (WUSM) Endocrinologist Clay Semenkovich said. According to the mouse study, the PPAR-γ, a TZD-activated molecule, is the main reason why heart failures appear. However, the investigation, which was led by Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Cancer Biologist Wilhelm Krek, was not focused on diabetes, but on studying what happened when the tissue of the heart enlarged, and how it affected the organ’s functions.

This could be a good news for all doctors, pharmacist and patients.


រយៈពេល​ ៥ឆ្នាំសិក្សានៅស្រុកយួន​ មិនដែលមានថ្ងៃណាខ្ញុំបានសប្បាយចិត្តម្តងណាទេ។ មួយគិតពីរឿងរៀន ណាមួយគិតពីរឿងបញ្ហាកន្លែងស្នាក់ផង… ចង់បែកទ្រូងស្លាប់ហើយ ពេលដែលខ្ញុំនឹកគឹតដល់រឿងនេះម្តងៗ។

មកដល់ឆ្នាំនេះគឺជាឆ្នាំចុង ក្រោយនៃការសិក្សារបស់ខ្ញុំនៅក្នុង ស្រុកយួនហើយ តែអ្វីៗវាមិនបានដូចអ្វីដែលខ្ញុំរំពឹងទុកសោះ។ ការការពារសារណារបស់ខ្ញុំបានទទួល លទ្ឋផលល្អ ក៏ប៉ុន្តែសាលាហាក់បីដូចជាមិនចង់ឲ្យខ្ញុំចេញពិសាលាសោះ។

បើនិយាយដល់រឿងនេះវិញខ្ញុំសឹងតែមិនគួរឲ្យជឿសោះថា នៅស្រុកយួនគេត្រូវបង្ខុំឲ្យសិស្សនិសិត្សដែល កំពុងសិក្សានៅឆ្នាំសិក្សាចុងក្រោយ (ឆ្នាំទី ៤ និង ទី៥) ទាំងអស់ត្រូវប្រលងមុខវិជ្ជានយោបាយ រួមមាន៖ មុខវិជ្ជាសង្គមនិយម, មុខវិជ្ជាពីបក្សគមុយនិស្តន៍, មុខវិជា្ជទស្សនៈវិជ្ជា ដែលមុខវិជ្ជាទាំងអស់ នេះវាមិនមានផលប្រយោជន៍អ្វីបន្តិចសោះ តែប្រសិនជាណាយើងប្រលងធ្លាក់ មុខវិជ្ជាណាមួយក្នុងចំណោមមុខវិជ្ជាទាំងអស់នោះ វិញ នោះយើងនឹងមិនអាចទទួលសញ្ញាប័ត្របានឡើយ ហើយយើងត្រូវតែប្រលងយ៉ាងណា ឲ្យជាប់ទើបអាចទទួលបានសញ្ញាប័ត្រដែល យើងបានខំស្វែងរកទាំងលំបាកនោះ។

ឥឡូវនេះបានដល់វេនខ្ញុំដែលត្រូវទទួលរងនូវការវេទនាដែល មិនគួរនឹងកើតមាន ហើយខ្ញុំជឿជាក់ថាអ្នកទាំងអស់គ្នា មិនដែលជួបប្រទះនូវរឿងដ៏កក្រខ្វក់បែបនេះឡើយ។ ខ្ញុំត្រូវាបានធ្លាក់មុខវិជ្ជា សង្គមនិយម​ដែលជាមុខវិជ្ជា “ដ៏ឆ្កួត” លីលាមួយ​ ហើយឥឡូវនេះខ្ញុំមិនដឹងថាតើខ្ញុំត្រូវធ្វើ អ្វីទៀតឡើយ។

ប៉ុន្តែខ្ញុំដឹងច្បាស់ក្នុងចិត្តរបស់ខ្ញុំថា ប្រសិនណាជាខ្ញុំធ្លាក់មុខវិជ្ជាដដែលនេះក្នុងលើក ទីពីរទៀង ខ្ញុំនឹងត្រលប់ទៅស្រុកខ្មែរវិញដោយមិនចាំបាច់យកសញ្ញាប័ត្រអ្វីទាំងអស់។ ខ្ញុំដឹងថាសញ្ញាប័ត្រវាមានសារៈសំខាន់ណាស់ តែខ្ញុំមិនអាចទ្រាំទ្រនិងទង្វើដែលអគតិ យ៉ាងនេះតទៅទៀតហើយ។

មិនដែលមានប្រទេសណាមួយគេធ្វើយ៉ាងនេះដាក់សិស្ស និសិត្ស របស់គេដូចជាស្រុកយួន នោះទេ។

?? តើអ្នកទាំងអស់គ្នាគិតថាវាជាការចាំបាច់ឫដែលត្រូវឲ្យសិស្ស និសិត្ស ចាំបាច់ត្រូវប្រលងមុខវិជ្ជា ដែលសូម្បីតែវាមានសារៈសំខាន់ចំពោះពួកគេនោះ??

មុខវិជ្ជាទាំងអស់នេះ តើវាមានសារៈប្រយោជន៍ចំពោះសិស្ស និសិត្សដែលមកពីប្រទេស សេរីដូចជារូបខ្ញុំដែរទេ??


Harry Porter book in Khmer…

VOA in Khmer had this news since June 2, 2009 but I just see it today.

Relief Group To Reprint Harry Potter Books
By Poch Reasey, VOA Khmer
02 June 2009

A US-Japan aid group has received permission from the author of the Harry Potter book series to translate her second book royalty-free and sell it in Cambodia.

Bernie Krisher, head of American Assistance for Cambodia/Japan Relief for Cambodia, and Neou Ty, his assistant, told “Hello VOA” Thursday that they had recently received permission from the Christopher Little Literary Agency, agents to JK Rowling, to publish her second book, “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.”

Several years ago, Krisher received permission to translate and publish her first book, “Harry Potter and the Socerer’s Stone.” The first book cost $2 per copy to print but sell at a loss for only $0.60 to make it more affordable for Cambodian children.

“I would like to urge parents to encourage their children to read more books to continue our reading culture,” Neou Ty said Thursday.

The group is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to improving opportunities for the youth and rural poor in Cambodia.

Founded in 1993 by American journalist Bernie Krisher, the organization operates interlinked programs across Cambodia in the areas of education, health, rural development, and technology.

One “Hello VOA” listener wanted to know if he can buy the book in his hometown.

Unfortunately, Neou Ty said, the books are currently only being sold in Phnom Penh. He was looking for a way to distribute them in the provinces, he said.

I’ll buy one when I go back to Cambodia. 😛

32ºC at 12:00 AM :O ??

untitledមិនដែលជួបសោះឡើយលោកអីយ ៣២ºC នៅម៉ោង ១២ យប់នោះ ឥឡូវនិងបានជួបហើយ ពិបាក់ទ្រាំដល់កហើយ។ ពេលព្រឹកមិនទាន់ទាំងបានគេងស្រួលបួលផង ល្បង “ត្រុងតឹម” គាត់លេងដាប់អាងទឹកទាំងព្រឹក កក្រើកអស់ទាំងក្បាលត្រូវបង្ខំចិត្តភ្ញាក់ពីគេង ទាំងមិនអស់អាល័យ។

ពេលព្រឹកគ្រាន់តែបើកភ្នែកភ្លាមស្រាប់តែបាន ទទួលនូវកំដៅដ៏អស្ចារ្យពីសំណាក់​ព្រះអង្គម្ចាស់ ដែលស្ទើរតែទ្រាំមិនបាន។

ពេលថ្ងៃត្រង់វិញមិនបាច់ថ្លាថ្លែងស្អីទេ គ្រាន់តែកំដៅឡើងដល់ ៣៨, ៣៩ºC ហើយមានថ្ងៃខ្លះឡើងដល់ ៤១,៤២ºC ផងក៏មាន។ និយាយរួមទៅ នៅ ហាណួយសព្វថ្ងៃនេះ ដូចនៅក្នុងឡ​ ដុតនំប៊័ងចឹង។ ចង់ក្លាយជាសាច់ក្រៀមបាត់ហើយ។

Vietnam to build railway to Cambodia

According to NASDAQ, VIetnam spend a lot of money to build a railway linking HCM city with Cambodia.

HANOI -(Dow Jones)- Vietnam will spend $438 million to build a railway linking the economic hub of Ho Chi Minh City with Cambodia, the Ministry of Transport said Tuesday.

The 128.5-kilometer railway from Ho Chi Minh City to the border with Cambodia will form part of the Trans-Asia Railway linking Singapore and Kunming, China, the ministry said in a statement.

Vietnam expects to get official development assistance from China and other international donors to build the railway, it said.

A feasibility study on the project is being prepared by a Chinese consulting consortium and should be submitted to the Vietnam Railway Department later this month, the ministry said.

Construction is scheduled to begin in 2010.

This could the a good news for Cambodia that nowadays, Cambodia railway is almost die.