Moon Festival plan

This year could be the first year for me after I missed the Moon Festival almost 6 years. I leaved Cambodia to Vietnam since 2003 and from that year on, I never attended the Moon Festival in Cambodia at all.

This year, I just came back to my home-sweet-home again in the named of a Pharmacist and now i can enjoy the festival with all my relative and my friends.

Tomorrow morning (31/10/2009), one of my old friend is going to get married and i can’t miss this opportunity, i really want to see all my old friends and i want to share the happy with the bride and groom.

I will take some photos and i will share with you…



Come Back With Touch!

Hi folks, I’ve been missing for long time, but yesterday i just came back with the perfect home internet connection which provided by a Vietnamese military company, Viettel. The speed is not fast enough but usable.

Oh, after i washed my old lady phone, Nokia 3230, that i have been used it for almost 4 years, i just bought a brand new HTC Touch Viva which i love the most (at this time) and after a week of using it, i felt very good and i really like it.

With Windows Mobile 6.1 professional, i can do anything that i want. i can do the office work, connectivities action, business and more. I love it and if anyone want to buy a new phone, please think about the Windows Mobile then. It’s really good, but, anyway, the speed is not fast enough if you guys compare to the iPhone.