Book I’m Reading

Days ago, i went to Boston Book Store near to Singapore Embassy and found a very nice book. At that book store you can read and buy any books you want. All of them are original book, but second hand book only.

About the price, Boston Book Store selling books with special price, and maybe it’s the lowest price if we compare to another book stores in Cambodia such as IBC, Independent book store …

I bought a few books from there with lowest price. One of ’em is a kind of love story called “Even Now“. I like this book and i’m reading it, but this recent days i was very busy with my job, so i skipped it for a while and i’ll begin my reading again soon.

As you know, original English book in Cambodia is not easy to buy, the problem is not about the book store, but it’s about the price. Original English books in Cambodia selling with high price and sometime, extremely expensive.

Anyway, you guys can go to that book store and find your favorite books, buy it and read it.

P/S: Sorry that i don’t know its website. :p


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