There is many things that you can make your relationship between  you and your family become more closer and even closer. Since the day I came from Vietnam and the day that I stepped to stay with my uncle in here, Phnom Penh, I love my life coz in this small house I can see the love that he and his family give to me.

They love and care me like their own children. They threat me like their own son. I never felt this love before. In this situation, my obligation is do anything to make happy and share the joys with me every time when I’ve got anything new or when I’ve got any trouble.

Yesterday, when I back from work, I sent SMS to my little sister to ask her if she needs or want to eat fried chickens at KFC, but I realized that if I just invite her to join me, what about everyone at home? So, why don’t I buy them some fried chickens and bring it home, share all those chickens with the whole family, it’d be fun then.

And then, I drove my motorcycle to KFC and buy some fried chickens and brought them home. At home I shared all those joy with them and our relationship become so fantastic. Everyone eats, made some jokes and laughed together. I love to see the smile on their face.

In fact, those little fried chickens it won’t make any sense but with all those little things, you can change the looks on you.

Aspirin & Cancer

Low-Dose Aspirin Fails to Protect Women Against Cancer

Key Words

Aspirin, NSAIDs, chemoprevention, Women’s Health Study. (Definitions of many terms related to cancer can be found in the Cancer.gov Dictionary.)


Low-dose aspirin (100 mg) taken every other day failed to protect women from developing cancer, according to results from a 10-year, randomized trial called the Women’s Health Study. However, researchers say that more studies are needed to determine whether moderate or high doses of aspirin may yet prove protective.


Journal of the American Medical Association, July 6, 2005.


Aspirin belongs to a group of drugs called nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) Many studies have suggested that NSAIDs may do something to protect against cancer, particularly colorectal cancer. However, few of these studies have been clinical trials, which are the kind of study that can most reliably answer the question of whether aspirin and other NSAIDs really do help prevent cancer in people.

A 1996 clinical trial called the Physician’s Health Study found that a 325 mg dose of aspirin (the typical amount found in a single aspirin sold in stores) taken every other day did not prevent colorectal cancer. However, findings published in 2003 from two other clinical trials showed that low-to-moderate doses of aspirin (80 mg and 325 mg) taken every day by persons at high-risk for colorectal cancer reduced their chances of developing potentially cancerous colon polyps (see Aspirin Reduces Risk of Colon Polyps). The protective effect appeared to be particularly strong with the lower dose.

Researchers with the current study wanted to learn more about what role low-dose aspirin might play in the fight against cancer.

The Study

Between 1992 and 2004, researchers with the Women’s Health Study (WHS) enrolled over 39,000 women health professionals at least 45 years of age; the mean age at the start of the trial was about 54 years. The goal of the study was to investigate the protective effects of low-dose aspirin (100 mg), vitamin E, and beta-carotene on cardiovascular disease and cancer. (The beta-carotene part of the study was stopped early, in 1996, when other studies showed no protection and even a possible risk of cancer.)

Women were randomly assigned to receive aspirin, vitamin E, both, or placebos (dummy pills). Neither they or their doctors knew which group they were in (meaning the study was double-blinded) and all participants were free of disease at the start of the trial. The aspirin and vitamin E aspects of the study were conducted together but analyzed and reported independently. Only the cancer-related aspirin analysis is described here (see the related Vitamin E Does Not Protect Women Against Cancer). A total of 19,934 women took the low-dose aspirin and 19,942 took a placebo every other day. The participants were followed for an average of about 10 years.

The lead author for the aspirin analysis was Nancy R. Cook, Sc.D., from the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston, Mass. The study was supported by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. Medications were provided by Bayer HealthCare and the Natural Source Vitamin E Association.


Researchers found that the aspirin group received no protection against cancer: 1,438 developed invasive cancer (that is, cancer that spread beyond the layer of tissue in which it first developed) as compared to 1,427 in the placebo group. The slight difference in cancer deaths was also not statistically significant, with 284 dying in the aspirin group and 299 in the placebo group.

When analyzed for certain specific types of cancer, the results showed that there were fewer lung cancer cases (90 versus 115) among the aspirin group. However, this was not a statistically strong enough finding to prove that aspirin helps protect against lung cancer. There were also no statistically significant differences between the aspirin and placebo groups in terms of other types of cancer: for example, breast cancer (608 cases in the aspirin group vs. 622 in the placebo group) and colorectal cancer (133 vs. 136).


These results apply only to a very limited group of people, said Lori Minasian, M.D., of the NCI’s Division of Cancer Prevention. “This study says nothing at all about men, nor about younger women, and especially not about women who have had cancer” or who may have a family history of cancer.


“I don’t think we have the final story on aspirin and its effects on cancer,” said Peter Greenwald, M.D., director of NCI’s Division of Cancer Prevention. He and others in the field are not prepared to generalize these results to other groups and dosages. In an editorial accompanying the journal article, Eric J. Jacobs, Ph.D., and Michael J. Thun, M.D., of the American Cancer Society emphasized that these results “do not refute previous evidence that moderate or high doses of aspirin may reduce the risk of certain cancers.”

However, more clinical trials must be done, said Minasian, before aspirin’s role in the prevention of cancer can be fully understood and the risks properly balanced against the benefits. Aspirin can have serious side effects, including gastrointestinal bleeding.

Source: National Cancer Institute.

Unfair !!

I am fan of WordPress since 2009, and wordpress has made so many mobile apps for BlackBerry and iPhone.

I just wondering why wordpress didn’t develop mobile app for Windows Mobile phones? I ‘m using windows mobile phone and i really need those app to help me easy to write the post right from my phone.

I need the app for my phone, please help me!!

When things come into your mind

When you are stress up or messed up with something or somebody, you might think a lot. You might think about yourself, your family and everything around and might be everything that you own. But it doesn’t matter because everything you do or everything you’re going to do will coming up next when you’re back to the right place.

Every times I try to figure something out, and every times i try to talk to somebody, i just don’t know why i always think about it. Every words I’ve said it’ll be repeat again and again each time i see it. And after that, a lot of things come into my mind and, yeah, i get into the bad situation again.

I know you guys might hard to understand what I’m trying to say right now, but I just don’t know what to say cos now I’m in the bad situation again. Family, love, and jobs just makes me crazy.

My friend, best friend which I spent about more than 10 years with him and now he just turn into another strange person. The relationship between me and him has been wrong since we were in year 2 at university. He’s turn to be such a jerk, sometimes.

Okay, let’s skip it. I am now trying to close all those entire stories and I am now trying to open another pages of my new life with the new stuff which i hope the most that it’d be fine for me.

Anyway, I’m now trying to the best i can to make my life become the only one for me.

Valentine’s Day

What did you guys do on Valentine’s Day? Where did you guys go on Valentine’s Day?

All of these questions came from my friends who always ask me on Valentine’s Day. And all my answers were “Nothing to do, nowhere to go beside home”.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, but for me, everyday is my Valentine’s Day when i come home, joking with my sisters, brothers and my families. Nowhere else like home and nowhere as sweet as home. I spent my Valentine with my sisters and brothers by treated them a dinner. Last night, we spent the night with each other at Master Sukisoup near Bak Touk High School. Everything was so fun.

In the car, we made a lot of jokes and everyone seemed very excited. We drove the car to Prek Eng, to our relatives’ home and then we came back to PP and then we went to the restaurant to have our dinner.

But, unfortunately, the restaurant was full, so we had to wait about 10 to 20 minutes. Had no choice, so we had to wait till he place available.

After we finished, we drove the car to Prek Eng again because we had to take our older brother home. Along the road to Prek Eng, we saw a lot of couple with the roses in hands, hug each other on the roadside and some of them kissed each other without care.

It’s sound weird but it was fun. I never saw those views in 9 years ago, but now it seemed so simple. Teenagers seem careless to their actions and that’s the reason why Cervical Cancer is still raising with rapid speed in Cambodia. Teenagers knows to how make fun, but they seemed don’t know how to prevent themselves from harm.

Valentine’s Day means a lot to all the people. On that day, they share their love to each other, but not just for girlfriend or boyfriend, they share their love to friends, family as well. But in Cambodia, most teenagers use Valentine’s Day as a loving day, they use that day to show their love to their girlfriends or boyfriends by buying them roses or chocolates and after they gives the gifts, no one knows where would they go. Guesthouse is the best place for them, they spends their Valentine in there and no one know what would they do. keke

Anyway, Valentine’s Day this year was a very good Valentine’s Day ever for me. I never had the feeling like I did last night with sisters and my brothers. And I hope that next year would be another best Valentine’s Day for me too.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you guys.!!


Today is the first day of Chinese New Year, the year of Tiger. I’ve been busy in the whole day to write and send the e-mails to all my buddies in Vietnam and Cambodia. It’s been such a long time that i away from them and i didn’t e-mail lately cos i was very busy with my job and my family also.

The most important thing for this year is 14 Feb that will coming on this Sunday. But anyway, I don’t know what to do at all cos I don’t have anyone to give the roses or any gifts. So, if anyone have friends or girlfriend, please share me the happiness that you have by giving me the command then.

Thanks you guys a lot and Happy New Year & Happy Valentine’s Day!


What is your best favorite smartphone?

This is a question that I really want to ask you guys.

So, please share your idea to tell the world: What is your favorite smartphone?

For me, I love BlackBerry coz it’s very nice and good smartphone ever and it’s really helpful to support my business. But however, it’s very expensive and that’s the reason why I’m using Windows Mobile smartphone. Kekek