When things come into your mind

When you are stress up or messed up with something or somebody, you might think a lot. You might think about yourself, your family and everything around and might be everything that you own. But it doesn’t matter because everything you do or everything you’re going to do will coming up next when you’re back to the right place.

Every times I try to figure something out, and every times i try to talk to somebody, i just don’t know why i always think about it. Every words I’ve said it’ll be repeat again and again each time i see it. And after that, a lot of things come into my mind and, yeah, i get into the bad situation again.

I know you guys might hard to understand what I’m trying to say right now, but I just don’t know what to say cos now I’m in the bad situation again. Family, love, and jobs just makes me crazy.

My friend, best friend which I spent about more than 10 years with him and now he just turn into another strange person. The relationship between me and him has been wrong since we were in year 2 at university. He’s turn to be such a jerk, sometimes.

Okay, let’s skip it. I am now trying to close all those entire stories and I am now trying to open another pages of my new life with the new stuff which i hope the most that it’d be fine for me.

Anyway, I’m now trying to the best i can to make my life become the only one for me.

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