There is many things that you can make your relationship between  you and your family become more closer and even closer. Since the day I came from Vietnam and the day that I stepped to stay with my uncle in here, Phnom Penh, I love my life coz in this small house I can see the love that he and his family give to me.

They love and care me like their own children. They threat me like their own son. I never felt this love before. In this situation, my obligation is do anything to make happy and share the joys with me every time when I’ve got anything new or when I’ve got any trouble.

Yesterday, when I back from work, I sent SMS to my little sister to ask her if she needs or want to eat fried chickens at KFC, but I realized that if I just invite her to join me, what about everyone at home? So, why don’t I buy them some fried chickens and bring it home, share all those chickens with the whole family, it’d be fun then.

And then, I drove my motorcycle to KFC and buy some fried chickens and brought them home. At home I shared all those joy with them and our relationship become so fantastic. Everyone eats, made some jokes and laughed together. I love to see the smile on their face.

In fact, those little fried chickens it won’t make any sense but with all those little things, you can change the looks on you.


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