Please believe in me

Please trust me

Please smile when you see me

Please say Hello/Hi when you see me

Please and Please………


Warm and Happy Birthday Party

Time moves very fast. Just close and open my eyes day and days again, a year has passed. June 11 is my birthday! In fact, I never celebrate any party for my birthday party coz I don’t like party.

Yesterday, it’s June 11 and my family celebrated a small party and surprised me. The party had nothing more beside just a small birthday cake, 2 bottles of Cocacola, but it’s very happy and felt very wonderful and happiness!

Thanks for everything that my family did to me in my birthday! Thanks my little girl that she texted me such a very wonderful SMS. Thank you guys!

Passed Weekend

Didn’t know where to go, didn’t know what should i do… All of this questions always appear to me week after weeks. When weekend arrive, I don’t know what should I do then.

Last week, I invited my little girl and my niece to join the breakfast with me. We had a very happy time with each other.

I really love this pass weekend… Hope it’ll happen again!

Let’s begin. This’d be her big breakfast then. keke

After a little shot moment of have breakfast. Everything is gone!

Major Death Cause for Cambodian Women

Years ago, Breast cancer was the major death cause for Cambodian women! The cause of the mortality rate is till not ensure yet. It may be cause by the mutation or abnormal growth of the breast cells and it develop to tumors.

Well, this was the last few years death cause for women. But now, cervical cancer is the most dangerous than breath cancer of all time. Cervical cancer is cause by HPV viruses. This HPVs when they enter into women’s cervical, they will not cause any symptoms or any signs at all. After 10 to 15 years, if they didn’t get any vaccinations, they’ll have cervical cancer in their body.

Cervical cancer is the top of the list for the death cause of women in Cambodia (According to Khmer-Soviet Friendship hospital data-Dr. Eav Sokha). 99.7% of women around the world are positive for HPV and most of them are the women in the develop countries.

Otherwise, all women can prevent themselves from cervical cancer by vaccinate themselves with HPV vaccines. There’re two type of HPV vaccines in the market. Cervarix (GlaxoSmithKline) and Gardasil (Merk). These two kinds of vaccines can prevent women from HPV type 16 and 18 which these two type of HPV cause 70% of cervical cancer worldwide.

So, why wait? Cambodian women please give yourself with the best value of protection for yourself by vaccinate yourself with the cervical cancer vaccines.

Cervarix is now available in Cambodia with the affordable price. Please contact your nearest doctors for more informations.

What are you waiting for WWCD 2010?

WWCD 2010 is going to rock the world with bunch of newest technologies and hottest technology products. WWCD 2010 is going to open ceremony on June 7.

Steve Jobs will address his speech on that day about iPhone 4G, new MacBook Air update, MacBook Pro update and a lot more.

So, what are you wanna see the most from WWCD 2010? For me, I really want to see the face of Mac OS X 10.7 then! Wanna see what will added to Mac OS, the most advanced operating system of all them!