HTC HD7 Review

After a week of using the HTC HD7, the only HTC massive screen Windows Phone 7 in the market. During this days of using it, i saw some pros and cons of this device:

1- Screen: Even HD7 owns a massive screen size and very good pixel of view, but the technology is still the limitation of this device. HD7 is using normal LCD TFT screen with 16M color. Anyway, it still gives you a very nice view if we compare to another traditional LCD.

2- Battery: HD7 using only a 1230 mAh. This mean you can’t use it for more than a day, i experienced it. i am a person who like to online and email. if you’re a user like me, i think HD7 will not gives you such a good long life of using then.

3- Heat: HD7 will burn your hand if you’re calling and facebooking or surfing the web at the same time.

4- Speaker: if we compare HD7’s speaker with another smartphone like Samsung Wave or others, you’ll see the differences. Its speaker is not so loud but acceptable.

5- Camera: HD7 own a 5 megapixel camera with dual LED flash, but however, it’ll give you such a good picture and dual LED flash will be helpful when you take the picture at the dark place or lower light.

This all the review of my 7 days of using my brand new HTC HD7 and will be another more reviews next.


2 thoughts on “HTC HD7 Review

  1. Hi,
    I came across your site by chance and am happy I found it. With the large number of tech-related websites, an unbiased and honest resource was all I wanted. Thanks and I hope to see more articles !

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