What do we need from a smartphone?

There are too many smartphone, many brand that providing and distribute the smartphone to their customers in the market, but not of them are really satisfy our needs. So, what do we really need from all those smartphone?

Before we answer this question we need to ask ourself about what we’re doing first.

1- Camera: more pixel gives you the better image quality. If you’re a teenager who’re spend more time for joy and fun, Camera will be the feature that you should list it first, but if you’re a businessman, camera of your phone would be no necessary coz you won’t have no free time shooting.

2- Touch screen or hard-keyboard: touch screen would be very popular for all ages not even just for teenagers, but for businessman also. Touch screen gives you more accessibility and fast access to your apps, emails or your office works on your smartphone. But hard-keyboard would be suitable for all businessman because they can write SMS, emails with ease and make less mistakes that touch screen keyboard.

3- Phone size: businessman means travel a lot, from place to place, you won’t happy when you carry such a big bag with you just coz of you laptop, phones or else. So, phone size means a lot for all of this.

4- Battery: when you travel to provincial or abroad, you won’t be happy to carry external batteries for your phone or laptop then coz it’ll gain much more weight on your shoulder. So, battery should be list as well.

This is just a quick review and it’s my idea for choosing a suitable and cost-effective smartphone, not just for businessman or teenagers but for all ages.

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