How to use your laptop

These are the tips of how to use your laptop perfectly:

  1. Ensure power supply for your laptop avoiding overload or lack of the power during using your beloved laptop.
  2. Keep your laptop in Standby or Sleep mode when you’re not using it.
  3. Reduce the screen brightness to save the battery and avoiding the effect on user’s eyes contact.
  4. Keep or using your laptop in cool and dry place to keep it running smoothly as well as avoiding over heat control. Avoiding keep/using your laptop on your thigh it’ll heat your machine as well as could cause health effect.
  5. Use the sleeve to protect your laptop from any impact.
  6. Charge the battery correctly avoid charging while using it. Expert says should charge the battery when at least 20%.
  7. Shouldn’t overclock, ghost or reinstall the operating system too much, it’ll ruin your hard drive quickly.

These the tips that we should know about our laptop using.


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