World of Social Network

If you look into this picture, you’ll see Cambodia, especially, Cambodian people are now become the facebook’s fans. That’s mean, facebook become one of the most popular social network in Cambodia and at least, one of Cambodian teenager knows facebook.





Big Disappointment

My life is made up to helping people more than helping myself. I’ve been trying to help people since the day i stepped into this real world. I didn’t done it well because i don’t have enough resource to help ’em but at least i didn’t help some people that tended to love and live with.

But as you know, everything we did was not fit people’s purpose. As result of my helping, i didn’t get anything beside blaming and yelling. I don’t know what should i do next, what should i have to make them stop blaming on me then? I am completely in very bad position right now.

There’s no one that i can share this pain in my mind beside this WordPress page, it’s the only place that i could share my pain and i could even shout out loud to release the pain in me. I hope one day they’ll see what’s inside me. I hope one day, they’ll realizes that who’s me and I hope that one day the more i do will not get more blaming.

Could you please understand me please?

Smartphone Discussion

Yesterday morning, it was such a really exciting day for me when i can meet up Mr.xVanna for discussing about smartphone that we handling and using right now.

Mr. xVanna is one of the most seen blogger in blogger society since he started to blog more than 3 or 4 years, i think or even more. And he also used to make his beloved iPhone 3G to became a brick as well. Recently, he  decided to get into the Android world by began with LG smartphone. After months of using, his LG became more uncomfortable to use, and he decided to change it and grabbed another one, HTC Sensation which costed him hundreds dollars for that high-end user smartphone.

After days of using Sensation he found out that it was not the phone that he’s looking for. Sensation own very high CPU speed clock, very nice massive screen with qHD screen gives the images very similar to the Retina Display which it is using in iPhone 4. The big issue that made him decide to stop using the Sensation because of its battery life. It’s kind of annoying when he have to charge the phone twice daily.

Yesterday i met him, he showed me a brand new Android device, Samsung Nexus S. Wow! Very nice design phone, nice images with Super AMOLED  display which i used to experience it with my Samsung Wave GT-8500 as well.

Samsung google nexus s 1

Samsung google nexus s 2

He told me that he’s completely in love with Nexus S. Stylish, stunning OS powered by Google, gorgeous screen powered by Samsung. Not just like that, he said that everything work perfectly with his GMail account while everything wirelessly sync right into his phone, so he don’t need to hard input the contacts or something else. ” He’s just love the Pure Android OS that GOOGLE use in the Nexus S”. I tried his device as well, i loved it design. Very stunning, feel solid in hands, but i don’t actually like Android. So, it won’t be my chosen device after all.

Yesterday, it was the day that i can show the love that i have with my Windows Phone 7, HTC HD7, to him. HD7 doesn’t have the high-end spec like Samsung Nexus S does. HD7 is just he average device only but the best point of HD7 is Office Hup which it is my best favorite. Windows Phone 7 is just so great, newest and stunning OS if we compare with previous Windows Mobile devices. It runs very smooth and just smooth. I love it so much.

But as you know, HTC is not a good designer if compare with others like Samsung, or Apple. But what HD7 is still my favorite smartphone coz it helps me to do my works smart and easy.

Htc hd7 000

Htc hd7 001



Birthday Wishes

Today is my birthday. I am not usually celebrate the birthday coz I am not the fan of it but today I got a lot of wishes from my friend around the world who knows me and they wishes me all the best.

I am really thank to each and everyone of you guys and I appreciate it.

Thank you from the bottoms of my hearts!

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Bluetooth in WP7

Since the day i owned my WP7 device till today is nearly 2 months already, but i still can’t figure out why Microsoft doesn’t allow all WP7 devices to send/receive files.

If they don’t allow their users to access the files on memory card, send/receive files between the devices why they have to build in bluetooth then? Bluetooth builded in suppose to be send and receive files, sharing files but in WP7 it becomes useless.

Hope Microsoft see about this point before everything too late while Android has no doubt to allow their users to access the memory cards, and can be root their devices or even cook the ROM to fit the needs then.

Cervical Cancer in Cambodia

What do everyone know about Cervical cancer? I am sure that just a small amount of Cambodian women who really know and understand about Cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer is the most leading deadly cause in Cambodia while Breast cancer is the second cause. If we look into the world, Breast cancer is the most leading cancer worldwide.

So, what’s the cervical cancer? Cervical cancer is cause by virus call Human Papilloma Virus, a kind of virus that live and develop themselves in cervix. After years of infection (over 10 years) HPV will develops and cause the cervix cancer.

WHO had published that incidence rate in Cambodian. Annual number of cases detected every year is around 1500 cases, this is just a huge cases

So, how can women protect themselves from this severe cancer? HIV/AIDS can be protected from the infection by using condoms, but HPV can’t be protected by using condoms at all. There is the only way that women can protect themselves against HPV infection is using vaccine. Now, cervical cancer vaccines is available in Cambodia market with the affordable price. You can do to visit your nearest doctors for more information.