Cervical Cancer in Cambodia

What do everyone know about Cervical cancer? I am sure that just a small amount of Cambodian women who really know and understand about Cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer is the most leading deadly cause in Cambodia while Breast cancer is the second cause. If we look into the world, Breast cancer is the most leading cancer worldwide.

So, what’s the cervical cancer? Cervical cancer is cause by virus call Human Papilloma Virus, a kind of virus that live and develop themselves in cervix. After years of infection (over 10 years) HPV will develops and cause the cervix cancer.

WHO had published that incidence rate in Cambodian. Annual number of cases detected every year is around 1500 cases, this is just a huge cases

So, how can women protect themselves from this severe cancer? HIV/AIDS can be protected from the infection by using condoms, but HPV can’t be protected by using condoms at all. There is the only way that women can protect themselves against HPV infection is using vaccine. Now, cervical cancer vaccines is available in Cambodia market with the affordable price. You can do to visit your nearest doctors for more information.


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