Big Disappointment

My life is made up to helping people more than helping myself. I’ve been trying to help people since the day i stepped into this real world. I didn’t done it well because i don’t have enough resource to help ’em but at least i didn’t help some people that tended to love and live with.

But as you know, everything we did was not fit people’s purpose. As result of my helping, i didn’t get anything beside blaming and yelling. I don’t know what should i do next, what should i have to make them stop blaming on me then? I am completely in very bad position right now.

There’s no one that i can share this pain in my mind beside this WordPress page, it’s the only place that i could share my pain and i could even shout out loud to release the pain in me. I hope one day they’ll see what’s inside me. I hope one day, they’ll realizes that who’s me and I hope that one day the more i do will not get more blaming.

Could you please understand me please?


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