Simple Job

What are these men doing? Are they joking or something else?

They are not just stand for joking though, they are waiting for their clients because they are motor taxi driver ( Moto-dup). In Cambodia, this job is one of the popular jobs among the people who didn’t get higher educated level.

They spend the day under the sunshine. They can earn more than $5/day. Will this enough to feed their family? I don’t think it is enough but at least it can help them some. And the fact is what and how many Cambodian people do to survive and grow up!

Can you believe that?

Pharmaceutical product is one the most important product that each and every pharmaceutical industries need to have fully responsible for the quality since the production till selling to patients/customers.

But how do you think when you see this picture? This picture I took yesterday afternoon during my riding with my dog along the road near Phsar Ore-sey. I couldn’t believe of what I saw then. A tuktuk is carrying many boxes of Paracetamol (Paindol), a product of MS Pharmaceutical Company.

I don’t understand why they transfer/deliver their products to the customer with a very unacceptable packaging/transportation then. Those medicine, even it’s not so sensitive to the sun light, but they shouldn’t deliver the products in this way. I can’t imagine how the quality of products would be.

Damn, when will our pharmaceutical companies strengthen about this weak point huh? Maybe it’ll take years to build it, but at least they must see their weakness first.

Together build a good, acceptable and trust brand is not such an easy. If any foreigners see this, what would they think about our product’s quality huh?

“Friends with Benefits”

This weekend is going to be my best weekend ever after weeks of stress and unhappy face. I feel that my face is older than my age. But this is just the beginning of my life journey.

Last night it was a greatest night for me because I can spend the whole of my damn night time watching the movies that chose. One of those great movies is call “Friends with Benefits” which Justin T is the main actor.

The movie is talk about friends making love without and feelings, emotional at all, just do it for fun, having sex and act like a close friend. Sound weird right? But it does work and it works fine though. They sleep with each other, they hangs out with each other but they promise with Bible that they won’t fall-in love with each other.

But two people when they stay together, the relationship will develop, right? That’s why their promise broken. They both fall-in love with each other and they start to date again.

This movie show about the everday life of the 21st century teenagers. They love to have sex, but they don’t want to be a couple because be a couple means their freedom will be gone.

You can find this movie at any CD-DVD stores in Cambodia or anywhere else if you want to see it. Don’t let this good movie pass you away, just take your chance and feel it.

Back to BlackBerry again

This past few years I have changed the phone too many till date. The first started with Nokia 3210, the phone that I owned.

After times of using, I started to used BlackBerry and I became addicted with this brand for at least 2 years during my living in Viet Nam.

When I came back to Cambodia, HTC had came into the list. The battery life was one of the biggest issue that caused to change those phone and delete it from my list.

And now, after 1 week living with Sony Ericsson Experia Arc, BlackBeery Torch became the current using and would be the last and stay with for a long while.

There is nothing compare to the BlackBerry with BIS. This phone gives me love and helpful while I can do my everyday works with ease. No more steps like android does, no more lack of RAM like android does and no battery issues like HTC does. All I have to do with my BlackBerry is just pop-up the money and go. No matter where I am, I can be online and update my inbox without any problems at all.

Traditional Barriers

Loving each other is one of the most imazing thing i ever tasted in my life. Love teach me know how to deal with so many problems around me.

Some bad stuffs, some good stuffs are coming and goes without any reasons. Since i began to love my most love girl till now is almost 2 years. we tried hard to make our love become one of the most meaningful love ever, but some horrible things came out and forced us to be apart, Traditional Barriers.

you guys might now believe that in cambodian society, traditional still remain the biggest problem and the biggest barrier for so many couples who loving each other and try to get themselves married. Traditional also broke up many couples as well and one of those broken couples, included me too.

we love each other more than anyone know about our love but her parents seem not understand about our love. they think what they’re doing is the best for their daughter whiel their daughter doesn’t want it.

this thing makes me very painful. i never taste that pain before. i used to like a girl but i never used to love a girl like i did with my little princess, but however, i still can’t make my dream come true. from the start of my love story, i started to set my schedule, my time line, my goal of what i should do next and where i should live and how i achieve it, but all of those things, all of those plans will never become true because Traditional barries.