Back to BlackBerry again

This past few years I have changed the phone too many till date. The first started with Nokia 3210, the phone that I owned.

After times of using, I started to used BlackBerry and I became addicted with this brand for at least 2 years during my living in Viet Nam.

When I came back to Cambodia, HTC had came into the list. The battery life was one of the biggest issue that caused to change those phone and delete it from my list.

And now, after 1 week living with Sony Ericsson Experia Arc, BlackBeery Torch became the current using and would be the last and stay with for a long while.

There is nothing compare to the BlackBerry with BIS. This phone gives me love and helpful while I can do my everyday works with ease. No more steps like android does, no more lack of RAM like android does and no battery issues like HTC does. All I have to do with my BlackBerry is just pop-up the money and go. No matter where I am, I can be online and update my inbox without any problems at all.

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