“Friends with Benefits”

This weekend is going to be my best weekend ever after weeks of stress and unhappy face. I feel that my face is older than my age. But this is just the beginning of my life journey.

Last night it was a greatest night for me because I can spend the whole of my damn night time watching the movies that chose. One of those great movies is call “Friends with Benefits” which Justin T is the main actor.

The movie is talk about friends making love without and feelings, emotional at all, just do it for fun, having sex and act like a close friend. Sound weird right? But it does work and it works fine though. They sleep with each other, they hangs out with each other but they promise with Bible that they won’t fall-in love with each other.

But two people when they stay together, the relationship will develop, right? That’s why their promise broken. They both fall-in love with each other and they start to date again.

This movie show about the everday life of the 21st century teenagers. They love to have sex, but they don’t want to be a couple because be a couple means their freedom will be gone.

You can find this movie at any CD-DVD stores in Cambodia or anywhere else if you want to see it. Don’t let this good movie pass you away, just take your chance and feel it.


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