Can you believe that?

Pharmaceutical product is one the most important product that each and every pharmaceutical industries need to have fully responsible for the quality since the production till selling to patients/customers.

But how do you think when you see this picture? This picture I took yesterday afternoon during my riding with my dog along the road near Phsar Ore-sey. I couldn’t believe of what I saw then. A tuktuk is carrying many boxes of Paracetamol (Paindol), a product of MS Pharmaceutical Company.

I don’t understand why they transfer/deliver their products to the customer with a very unacceptable packaging/transportation then. Those medicine, even it’s not so sensitive to the sun light, but they shouldn’t deliver the products in this way. I can’t imagine how the quality of products would be.

Damn, when will our pharmaceutical companies strengthen about this weak point huh? Maybe it’ll take years to build it, but at least they must see their weakness first.

Together build a good, acceptable and trust brand is not such an easy. If any foreigners see this, what would they think about our product’s quality huh?


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