A Silent Killer

Every year, 1.5 million children worldwide will die silently from a forgotten killer, Streptococcus pneumoniae.

This germ kills children all over the world without any reason. But it’s such a good news for all the people that this germs could be prevented by vaccination.

There are two kind of vaccine that available in the market through out the countries worldwide. And the most important is that vaccine is now available in Cambodia as well.

What is the gaps in vaccination in Cambodia? There are too many reason for the gap of using vaccine in Cambodia to prevent this kind of disease but the most important reason is the action of our doctors.

Cambodian doctors are seem not so take much/full responsibility to protect our next generation. They’re seems much concerns about profit, profit and profit and that’s the reason why vaccines are not the first option of prevent the diseases in Cambodia.

Talking about the action of our doctors alone would not the case, but we have to talk about our people knowledge. Cambodian people seems not much interest in prevent the diseases. Most of the people are not so interested in prevent the diseases but they will go to the see doctors when they are sick only.

Now it’s the time for each and everyone of us to take a full responsibility to protect our next generations from this preventable disease.

Did you know that, One Shot of Pneumococcal Vaccine can SAVE your children life, their future and as well as their smile? Believe it or not, but it is the true. The only true, but what we have to first is changing our mind-set about vaccine and vaccination.