2011 Top 10 Leading Pharmaceutical Companies

” Why do you work for GSK? Why do you work for AZ (Astra Zeneca)?” The simply answer will come out. ” It is because these two companies are the leading pharmaceutical companies in this world”

I’ve beend working for GSK since the day i graduated. It is a good company to work with, i don’t say that it is the best but at least it is a good one for me. Every works with do at GSK is legal, no invelop, no unethical activities.

These might now fit with Cambodia’s business environment, but at least we do the RIGHT THING in the RIGHT WAY!

GSK is now at the 3rd position in the top 10 pharmaceutical companies list for 2011. I am proud to work with this world class company.

I hope in the short future, GSK Cambodia will have something new, something we call “Revolution”.

Reference:  http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/648957/the_2011_top_ten_worlds_leading_pharmaceutical


PC vs Mac

I have heard a lot about the battle between the Mac and our old friend, PCs. Why would people are so much concern about PCs and Mac? Is there any changes around these two friends?

I am not an anti-Mac-friends, I used to use a Mac portable computer, but I have it to my girlfriend because it doesn’t help me in my day to day works. It was not support my company’s severes, it was not support by my IT department about mail and warranty. So, what else that I expect from it? Nothing beside online and social. But however, I still love it because after years that I bought it, it never gave me damn blue screen error like PCs did. This is the good point for me that Mac gave to me.

Look back to our old friends, PCs. Tones of IT supporters, tones of applications that can help me with my day to day work, and it works perfectly fine with my company’s severes. But actually, just months of using it, there was a sign of being error, being slow run its speed without any reason and that is why PCs and Mac are different.

The choise is ours, whether we choose Mac or PCs, the only one thing that we need to look from it is helping us to complete our everyday activities/works.

New toy

This new year, I have some changes around my life and also my carree as well. Yhis past few months I bought/changed many toys from phone and computers.

This past few days I was very busy with my works as well as with my new toy, Sony Tablet S, which I told my sister to buy it for me from USA. I love this toy and I love it very much.

Will make a quick review of this tablet soon. Hope you guys will come back and comments on my review then.