Facing TB would never easy

Tuberculosis or TB is become one of biggest concern for Cambodian healthcare system and Cambodian government. Every year, government spend so,much money for this disease which the result is still remain the same, ” failure”.

What’s the reason behind all of these? Healthcare and the quality of healthcare system is a part of it, but the main reason is the knowledge of the people about TB. It’s been such a long time that TB has been thought that a genetic disease, while the reality is respiratory disease. These is the main cause that still keeping this disease circulating year to year


Scope for 2012

2012 would be the year of married. Some of my friend are married, others are planning  and another is preparing their wedding. This year could be the year of married then.

When my friends ask me, when will your turn dude? I have nothing to answer them beside, you go first and one or two years later would be my turn. But in fact, this year was suppose to be my year too, but there was some problems happened. I planed to engage my little girl this year. I worked hard, tried to earn money as much as I can just want to be well prepare for the event, but my plan wasn’t like what I wanted, so I had to delay it.

2012 I planned a lot. First of all, I will try to work hard, earn more money and save it as much as I can. Secondly, I will engage my little girl by at least the end of this year or maybe at the beginning of 2013. Plan is just plan,  everything could happen, everything could be change, but I hope and wish that it wont be changed again.

So what about job? I don’t know what will happen with my current job, I heard many people say that my current company will have a big change but I dont know what it is. I will try to maintain my current job, my current working speed and I hope that I can reach the goal that I already set.

What abiut all of you guys? Can you share your plan with me?