My best favorite feature of Sony Tablet S

Most of the people around the blobe are more interested in iPad.
Ipad now become one of the most favorite tablet of all time. Apple sold millions of iPad every year since the day that this device announced. Even iPad is the most popular device, the first choice for all people, especially for all teenagers, Andoid tablets are still play a bigger part too. Many people, they chose android tablet instead of the iPad. What’s the reason that make they decide to choose android device over the iPad?

Every devices has its own pros and cons. Ipads are very stylish, nice, slim and elegant design among all the tablets are marketing. It owns a very bright screen, solid unibody of aluminium and the most advance mobile device OS of all them, iOS.

iOS is one of the most important thing that make iPad become very popular. This imaging OS can handle almost every software from everyday needs to the professional software such as AutCad or even Photoshop. Every software that designed for the iPad runs almost as smoothly as silk.

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