Weekend comes, everyone seem very happy but it does not include me. I have to work a half day because I have a symposium.

Now, sitting and talking with my best friend, Sophin. Sharing our weekend together.


Right direction

Cambodia is one of the poorest country in South East Asia and also one of the poorest country in the world. Cambodian economic 90% rely on agriculture and garment export.

Most of the cambodian people are farmer and they usually use their traditional method in planting crops.

Corn, one of the most popular crop that you can find across the country.

But last year, corn exporting fell to 52% and we see the increasing of rice exportation instead. “Cambodia is now on their right direction” that’s what many economic experts has mention about.

Keep going Cambodia. Let’s the see that you can do it. Let’s the world hear that, cambodia is the place of genocide anymore.
“Proud to be Cambodian, Proud to be Khmer and I proud to be better”

WrestleMenia 28 highlight result

WrestleMenia is passing by. I can not see it online due to the lack of service in Cambodia, but at least I keeping myself update via twitter. Thanks twitter for keeping me update.
Highlight result:
– Team Johnny defeated Team Teddy
– Shamus became world heavyweight champion
– The Bigshow became intercontinental champion after beating Cody Rod
– The Rock beat the hell of John Cena
Wow! How amazing it is!! Can’t wait to see the real clips.

WrestleMenia 28 is coming

How many WWE fans out there around the globe are waiting for WrestleMenia 28 to come? i am sure that millions of fans are waiting for that event to come and among those fans there would be me.

i am so hungry to see that event and really do. unfortunately, the event will not live in Cambodia. i have to wait and see it through YouTube instead.

last year wrestlemenia event i was very good show. The game Triple H vs. The Undertaker was my best favorite match of all them.


but this year main event will be the match between John Cena and The Rock. That’d be awesome, but it will get hotter and hotter when The Undertaker demand a match with The Game Triple H, last but not least when Shawn Michael claimed to be special referee for the match between Triple H and The undertaker.


What else is going to happen at wrestlemenia 28? yeah, yeah, you will get more than that. World heavyweight championship is on the line, but the most must see match will be the match of team Teddy vs. team Johnny. the winner will be the general manager for both smack down and raw. is that warm you up yet?