How is serverity of Pneunmonia and Influenza combind in Cambodia?

Well, I’ve been post many topics related to Pneumonia. Even it was just a short post, but it is clear enough to show that pneumonia is not the mild disease anymore.

Now what? Okay, what about serverity of pneumonia and influenza combind? Why I have to combind this two diseases together?

Many Cambodian people thought that these two diseases are different. Yes! Maybe it is different, but in fact, these two diseases are almost the same. Once your child got pneumonia, then influenza likely easy to get though and once they got influenza then pneumonia is more easily to get afterward. These two diseases became the two faces of children killer worldwide.

In Cambodia, where the medical access is still limit, these two diseases become the top first killer for children nation wide. Since 2011, GSK (a UK giant pharmaceutical company) launched the vaccines to protect children pneumonia and to pretect Cambodian people against FLU with a very affordable price. GSK launched its very own 10 valents pneumococcal diseases that can protect children from 6 weeks to 5 years of age from several diseases such as pneumonia, meningitis, sepsis, and acute otitis media. The vaccine is very cost-effective and very affordable. But, unfortunately, the awareness of this availability and the scene of action against this deadly disease from both side (Cambodian people and healthcare professionals) are still have its limit which drive the protection behind the schedule.

To be fully protect Cambodian children from this deadly disease, it needs to have actions from all Cambodian people together, not just from GSKs’ side and especiall MoH needs to have some specific action.

To be your reference, please see this below picture and link to see more detail about any causes that kill Cambodia people every year.



Most of Cambodian parents think that, they provide food, money to their children and they done they every work with their children. DO you know, there is still something that you need to care and provide to your children to ensure that they are safe.

Protect your child it doesn’t mean that your just told your bodyguard to taking a care of your children’s safety then. it is more than that. Love your children, protect them from both out-and-in-side of their body.

Together to give children peacefully, worryless of harm by give them vaccinated against World number 1 killer, Pneumonia.



Pneumococcal diseases, a global killer for children

How many people are thinking that HIV/AIDs is the major killer? How many people are not? Do you know anything about pneumococcal diseases? Did you aware of that diseases?

In the past few years, HIV/AIDs used to be the major killer for all ages especially Adults. But now, HIV/AIDs is not the major killer anymore while another diseases became one of the most worried for all people/countries worldwide and especially for all developing countries. What are diseases?

“….Infection with pneumococcus is a major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide.” WHO quoted. Pneumococcal disease is now become the most worried deadly disease worldwide. It kills more than 1.6 million children every years. This disease can be cure by using antibiotic treatment, but this past few years, using of antibiotics has been increasing which was the cause of increasing antibiotic resistant and became the problem for all countries worldwide.

What else should be done to protect this disease? Since pneumococcal vaccine has introduced into market, the spread of this disease has dramatically reduced.

What about in Cambodia? In Cambodia, pneumococcal disease is the major killer for all children under 5 years of age. In the past, this disease seemed to be very strange when we told the public. Nowadays, the disease knowledge be aware by the public, but the action against this disease is still limit.

The prevention is now availablie in Cambodia, in private market with the acceptable price that most of middle income people can afford to protect their children. Go to your prefer clinics and ask your doctors about that vaccine for more detail on preventing this deadly disease.




“…..empty” I don’t have anything to think of, not minded, no voices, no comments.

This weekend is supposed to be the best weekend for me and my little girl, but everything completely changed. I hate this kind of feeling, but i don’t have any choices beside accept it.

Have you ever feel in this way before? Can you share your experience with me to release this fucking feeling please??

Unsound Minded

I’ve been working for this company 3 years already, it become a part of my life right now. I challenges myself to improve and to grow myself and the company as well.

Yesterday, I’ve got an email which included a very unacceptable writing. I kinda hate it and it hate it so much then. I’ve been cool but yesterday I couldn’t hold my temper and I lost my leadership.

For now on, unsound minded will become a part of my life and my working life then. Sometime, quiet can help you and you just have to do it. Be quiet and speak when you need to speak, it would be better when you are working with some Cambodian people. I don’t mind with that, but it will be a bad idea if you’re working with “copy-right” Cambodian people then.

“Copy-right” people? Yeah, this is the word that i just make it up to understand and call person then. It’s mean “a person who would never share”. I don’t know how many per cent of Cambodian people who are “copy-right” person, but at least a lot enough and that is the reason why Cambodia is still behind a long line schedule of development.