Pneumococcal diseases, a global killer for children

How many people are thinking that HIV/AIDs is the major killer? How many people are not? Do you know anything about pneumococcal diseases? Did you aware of that diseases?

In the past few years, HIV/AIDs used to be the major killer for all ages especially Adults. But now, HIV/AIDs is not the major killer anymore while another diseases became one of the most worried for all people/countries worldwide and especially for all developing countries. What are diseases?

“….Infection with pneumococcus is a major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide.” WHO quoted. Pneumococcal disease is now become the most worried deadly disease worldwide. It kills more than 1.6 million children every years. This disease can be cure by using antibiotic treatment, but this past few years, using of antibiotics has been increasing which was the cause of increasing antibiotic resistant and became the problem for all countries worldwide.

What else should be done to protect this disease? Since pneumococcal vaccine has introduced into market, the spread of this disease has dramatically reduced.

What about in Cambodia? In Cambodia, pneumococcal disease is the major killer for all children under 5 years of age. In the past, this disease seemed to be very strange when we told the public. Nowadays, the disease knowledge be aware by the public, but the action against this disease is still limit.

The prevention is now availablie in Cambodia, in private market with the acceptable price that most of middle income people can afford to protect their children. Go to your prefer clinics and ask your doctors about that vaccine for more detail on preventing this deadly disease.



2 thoughts on “Pneumococcal diseases, a global killer for children

  1. Excellent post, thank you. Very few people realise the effect of pneumonia on children under the age of 5. The South African government just launched a campaign to vaccinate against pneumococcal disease too.

    1. wow. that’s really great the hear that from you. can you share me some of those activities pelase? i really need to know how they do and what they done regarding to that campaign then.

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