GSK is not just doing business in Cambodia, but more than just like that…

Everyone are always think that, foreign companies that’s operating in Cambodia are always focus on business, and make profits. This statement might be correct for other companies, both foreign and local business companies, but this statement is not correct for GSK, a giant pharmaceutical from UK.

GSK is committed to reinvest 20% of its profits to help the country that it’s operating for improving healthcare system in developing countries and also, Cambodia as well.

This below video clip is a full length statement from our developing countries director, Mr. Duncan


Have you guys ever got headache? There are too many reason to be headached. Sometime we got headache coz of works, life and love. Headache with work will mucb mire easy to solve than headache with love.

The cause of headache is blood and glucos. When we try to push ourselves to work hard without give our body enough energy (water, glucos and calcium) then our body will try to get those elements from anywhere it can. Result, we’ll feel tired and exhausted. Headache is the first symptom that you might experient whike you are tired or overload of working.

How to solve it? Easy way is relax and add more energy by eating more vagetable, meet, and multivitamin products.

Top 10 best iPhone alternatives

if some of you guys are not so satify with iPhone’s 3.5″ screen, please look at some of these 10 smartphones that will replace the iPhone in terms of screen, speed and budget.

1. Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung galaxy s2

2. Motorola Razr

Motorola razr

3. HTC Sensation XE

LG optimus 3d

4. HTC Wildfire S

HTC wildfire s

5. Samsung Galaxy Nexus

HTC hd7

6. Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S

Google nexus s

7. HTC Titan

HTC desire hd

8. Nokia Lumia 800

BlackBerry torch

9. BlackBerry Bold 9900

HTC desire s

10. Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray

Orange san francisco