Microsoft Surface Price

There is nothing exciting then I knew the price of most wanted tablet of all time, Microsoft Surface.

Just within this week, there were a lot of things happen. Apple announced their brand new iPhone 5 with fantastic screen size with nothing improve than screen and custom CPU inside. Motorola announce their new device. Last but least, HTC, a mobile giant from Taiwan also announced their long line of HTC Windows Phone 8 devices with new colours.

But all of those are not impress me much, what I impressed was about Microsoft announced the price of Surface tablet. According to Microsoft, Surface will sell at an acceptable price, from $300 to $800. Due to what I understood, those lowest price will aim for Surface RT and the highest price will be for Surface Windows 8 Pro.

However, let’s wait and see what will Microsoft offer us more and then decide but for me, I would get one whether it is Windows 8 RT or Pro. I hope those surfaces will be easy to use, no lag, no over heat and smooth as silk like what Windows Phone does.


Khmer Movie| Boring

No one wants to see our own culture’s going down and i hope you guys think so.

Khmer movies today are really boring. Most of directors are focus on GHOST movies or Romantic movies and would never thinks another new concepts such as business movie or even better.

i vow to see very new concepts movies and brand new movies. i hope our directors will see this weakness and convert it to be strength.