Microsoft Surface Price

There is nothing exciting then I knew the price of most wanted tablet of all time, Microsoft Surface.

Just within this week, there were a lot of things happen. Apple announced their brand new iPhone 5 with fantastic screen size with nothing improve than screen and custom CPU inside. Motorola announce their new device. Last but least, HTC, a mobile giant from Taiwan also announced their long line of HTC Windows Phone 8 devices with new colours.

But all of those are not impress me much, what I impressed was about Microsoft announced the price of Surface tablet. According to Microsoft, Surface will sell at an acceptable price, from $300 to $800. Due to what I understood, those lowest price will aim for Surface RT and the highest price will be for Surface Windows 8 Pro.

However, let’s wait and see what will Microsoft offer us more and then decide but for me, I would get one whether it is Windows 8 RT or Pro. I hope those surfaces will be easy to use, no lag, no over heat and smooth as silk like what Windows Phone does.

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