Microsft release the price of Surface

It’s been months that I was waiting to know about Surface’s price release by Microsoft. Finally, today Microsoft had released the price and it is start from $499 with standard Windows RT without cover.

Customers can also start booking right now.


6 in 1 Vaccine’s now available in Cambodia


DTaP, Polio, Hepatitis B, Hib….. are the most comment vaccines that MoH’s providing to all Cambodian children from 1.5 month of age onward.

In that age, young children will face a lot of shots of vaccination and they will face more painfull as well. To reduce this painfull and to descrease the cost the of vaccination, GSK, a vaccine giant company has develop and combined together 6 vaccines in just single syringe. That’s mean every child will get less shot with more protection and less painfull as well.

As a leading vaccine company in the world and in Cambodia market, GSK introduced this new vaccine in to its pipeline in order to provide Cambodian children more protection with less painfull.

Infanrix hexa, the name of product, is a 6-in-1 vaccine that can protect children from 6 weeks of age against DTaP, Polio, Hepatitis B, Haemophilus influenzae type B diseases. This vaccine is contain inactivated polio (IPV) that safer than oral polio (OPV) and more effective that the OPV. More importantly, Infanrix hexa use the same hepatitis B antigen as in Engerix B, a 20-year experienced hepatitis B vaccine the market. That’s mean, your child will get the most benefit from hepatitis B protection like Engerix always do in this 20 years.

Why you have to wait? Whay you have to let this preventable diseases attach your lovely children? Why you just those happen while you protect them with an easy way? Do you know how much money will these disease cause you and your children future when they catch it?

Ask you doctors today to ask for more protection from diseases that we can prevent it.

Holiday in Cambodia

Cambodia is now opening their access to everyone around the globe to see, study and stay without any doubts. Nowadays, more and more tourists are come and see a new Cambodia with new developing building, roads and more tour places are discovered for tour.

At night, they can enjoy their night-life at the club without any worries. Security is just increasing from time to time but you still be more patients with occasional thieves while you’re travelling along the roads.

The most beautiful and newest place for tour is Bokor Resort. This place is located on the top of Bokor Mountain with fresh and cold wind. You can touch the smoke, cloud when u go there in the early morning.

There are a lot of place for everyone to spend the weekend, holidays in Cambodia with your families, friends or your girls/boyfriends.

Let’s discover Cambodia, a kingdom of wonder.